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DD is 2 1/2. Her tonsils are a 4+ and are causing her to have recurrent Strep Throat, and breathing issues especially at night. So the removal is justified. I just want to know if anyone has any tips/tricks for keeping her calm and happy after their removal. I had mine out at 17 so I remember everything. She had her adenoids out last year so I kind of know how she will be from the anesthesia. Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Tonsillectomy

  • get the suppositories instead of having her take the pain meds orally. My DD was in so much pain she refused to take them and then couldn't eat and ended up getting dehydrated which landed us back in the hospital! good luck!
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  • Closely follow whatever dosing instructions you're given for pain management, even if it means a brief wake up in the middle of the night for a few days or so. Also, I was told to give a little water in the middle of the night so the scabs don't completely dry out, as that will cause pain as well. Good luck! My kiddo was 3, and it went much better than I anticipated. It was worth it to not have my son always on antibiotics, and to get rid of his sleep apnea issues. 
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  • My DD hated the pain medication. I guess it tasted awful and/or burned so getting her to take them was like fighting a wild animal. Maybe see if the ENT can prescribe something that doesn't taste disgusting or see if the pharmacy can flavor it for you. As for keeping my DD calm, it really took a lot of out of her. She was tired and just kind of lethargic for the 1st week, then she knew that she had to take it easy. She was ALL about getting to watch extra TV or screen time on her Leap Pad.
    The one thing the nurse told us after the surgery that I appreciated was no red beverages/liquids for 48 hrs so if they throw up you can tell if it's blood or not. Poor DD did throw up (in my bed, gross!) the night after her surgery. She also ran a slight fever.
  • My daughters haven't had theirs taken out, but I've had mine! Honestly, the best tip I can give you is to get some popsicles and ice cream. I know everyone already knows that, but seriously it feels amazing on a super sore throat. Also, when I had mine out my parents brought a new gameboy to the hospital. Maybe have a few new toys to help relieve any anxiety before and after the procedure. 

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  • My son had his tonsils and adenoids out in August at 4yrs old as well.. You might be surprised with how well some kids tolerate it.  Try to just sick more to fluids and Popsicle, if eating doesn't work then don't force it.  At our consult they actually said to expect some weight loss since most kids don't wanna eat and thats fine as long as they get in 24oz of "water" a day.  

    Don't know if that is our hospital standard or an in general one but it helps me to know there was something to aim toward so I could let my son know, how much more he needed to drink and then after that a few of the Popsicles or drinks he would have a choice in them more.  But knowing there was a minimum for us worked. 
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