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Best Baby Items to get?

My baby is 12 and despite the fact I'm not far along I was tempted to get things with all the sales.
One thing I actually bought (and cancelled) was a 

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper
I fell in love with it, but realized I also want it to be automatically rocking, too. lol. I would say I'm lazy, but I think it's normal to not want to rock your baby for an hour. 
I have a friend that has some cool cloth diapers (that make it do-able) and got a hose you hook to your toilet to rinse them. 
So many different things out there. What have you loved having?
The best diaper bag? Swing? Crib? Toy? Bottles? etc

Re: Best Baby Items to get?

  • I'm going to respond to this tomorrow because I'm too tired to think straight right now and I want to give you some good feedback. Just didn't want you left hanging. :)
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  • Ok, here is a list of things I've been really glad to have and used a lot:

    Bouncy chair and small portable swing. Used the heck out of both of them and they were both easy to move around. The swing folded up flat for traveling. They are all pretty similar these days so I would pick one that plays music you like. Make sure the bouncy chair has a vibrate function.

    Pack N Play. Although I've only used it twice, while traveling, it was an absolute necessity. I can't imagine what I would have done without it.

    Diaper Genie. Yes we use it, even now that we cloth diaper. It still functions as a trash can my one year old can't get into.

    We discovered gdiapers and love them. They work really well for us. I do have a diaper sprayer- highly recommend if you are going to cd.

    I used Avent, Lansinoh Momma, and Medela bottles. I liked the momma bottle the best.

    I used a Baby Bullet to make my own baby food. I still use it to make purées for bases. Love it.

    I bought a cheap Munchkin bottle warmer. It worked great and it was so much faster than warming in a bowl of water.

    My crib is discontinued but I have a Babi Italia and it's been great.

    That's a good start, I'll post again when I think of more. :)
    Me:41, DH:41 Positive for MTHFR mutations- one copy C677T, one copy A1298C. One daughter born on Thanksgiving in 2013. Six losses.
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  • We had a rock n play and loved it with our first child. We didn't rock it, she just used it as a bassinet. The second child wasn't as wild about the RnP. He slept in it a few weeks, then he would attempt to skooch his butt down until he was almost out.

    Also a mat with arches that toys connect to. Commonly called a play gym. Those are fantastic. Both my kids loved the fisher price one that had a tiger that played songs and lit up.

    I have Graco cribs for both my kids and cannot recommend them highly enough. So easy to put together, solid as can be, and inexpensive. I have a Lauren for my son and a Charleston for my daughter.

    We used G diapers for a while with our daughter. I loved them. DH, who is in charge of laundry, didn't. We switched to disposables. That wasn't the fault of the diapers, though. In particular, I loved the newborn pack by G diapers. DD was 6 lbs, 3 oz, and skinny as could be. So she was in the newborns for the first 6 weeks.

    As for diaper bags, Fisher Price has the most awesome, durable, usable diaper bags on the planet. To be blunt, I make a ton of money and I'm a purse whore. I bought a couple of expensive diaper bags (JJ Cole and Skip Hop) and they were not durable or practical. I grabbed a Fisher Price one to replace the JJ Cole, which had ripped, thinking it would be an "until I can find what I really want" bag. Omg. That bag was awesome. Now we have their backpack since we have 2 under 2. Also awesome.

    My kids were creeped out by anything that swung, bounced, vibrated, or otherwise moved. DS used a swing for exactly 2 weeks.
  • I bought off of Craigslist a Mama Roo and it was Amazing!!!  My sister stole it from me because my niece refused to sleep unless she was held and it was the only thing that she would nap in.  I would NEVER pay full price for it.  
    I LOVE Comotomo bottles.  They don't fit on a breast pump but they are soft and easy to clean.  I also would invest in a swaddle wrap and a white noise machine that stays on all night.

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  • Some of our favorites:
     Miracle Blanket.
    Aden & Anais swaddle blankets (the "real" or the cheaper line at Target)
    vibrating bouncy seat (we have FP)
    Chicco Keyfit 30
    MAM Pacis
    CA Baby Baby Wash (lasts forever even though it's super expensive)
    Born Free Bottles
    Kirkland wipes from Costco (by far the best! I can't stand that weird baby wipe smell that many others have)
    Pampers Swaddlers for newborn diapers
    Triple Paste diaper cream
    white noise is a good idea (wonder where my machine is?? Hmmm)
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    I've loved loved loved our keekaroo changing mat which was my one splurge/sulkily overpriced baby item. I use it on the floor so can leave her there while I get (cloth) wipes yet, wash my hands etc. and she can't fall off. Even on a table though it'd be great - nice bouncy surface she likes to kick on but more importantly when she pees mid-change its no big deal because the shape of the keekaroo contains the puddle so no further mess and then it just wipes dry. A couple prefold (or flat) cloth diapers on it makes it not cold for her and also makes clean up super easy after the mid-change pees. Even if you don't cloth diaper having a few flats or prefolds around can be super useful for many things.

    I also have gotten a ton of use out of the old snuggli carrier we got at a 2ndhand store for 8 bucks. Totally couldn't decide which modern fancy carrier I wanted (ergo, etc) and still can't so still using snuggli. Though noe she is tell enough to need her head held a bit ifvshe falls asleep in it. 'I have a ktan too but in and out of snuggli is so much easier.

    Handme downs and 2ndhand stuff is totally the way to go!

    Oh one other thing for Pjs I was surprised to find I prefer zippers to snaps - snapping so many snaps on squirmy screaming baby is pain plus they gape and are drafty.

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