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Hand me downs (Bugaboo cameleon2007)

I just got a pretty sweet hand me down haul from a relative with a 7 year old.  I'm so grateful to have all of it (and I love that it's less wasteful), but I have a question about the stroller.  It is a Bugaboo from 2007 with the bassinet that switches out to a seat.  The also have a McLaren for later.  These are obviously very fancy strollers, but I kind of wonder If I should keep the britax b agile/b safe on our registry or just take it down and only register for/buy a car seat.  
We have an apartment with a very narrow winding walk up to the second floor.  Will the bugaboo be too big and bulky for us to use? Did anyone have one?  I'm a huge sucker for prams and the child facing seats, so I would love to give it a try.  
Does anyone know how to find out about car seat attachments for such an old stroller?  Should we get a Chicco Keyfit or graco snug ride since they use a universal bar?  Is this something I just have to ask them if they have?   
I should add that they live out of town so I haven't seen the stroller in person yet.  Any experience/advice would be really appreciated.  

Re: Hand me downs (Bugaboo cameleon2007)

  • Thanks!  That makes sense.  Part of me doesn't want an extra stroller in our small apartment if we don't need it, but maybe all three will serve a purpose.  I will leave it on for now until I can test drive the stroller.  It would probably change what car seat I got too, but I can leave it the same for now.  
  • I got a bugaboo and I'm currently storing in my apartment, it's not that big or heavy to move. The handling and performance is so much better than any other stroller I've pushed around I can't imagine having one and wanting to use anying else.
    I'm also a pretty diehard Britax car seat fan after a horrid roll over accident with my dd but I don't really like thier strollers.
  • That would be a really good idea, but we probably won't have a car.  Right now we have one, but we have to park on the street so it's usually a 10-20 minute walk away.  It's on loan to us because of my job, which I won't be doing after the baby comes.  
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