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sorry if i'm 100th person to ask this

Hi ,Sorry if this has been asked 100 times already, I have had 1 c section DD is 5 Months old and we know we would like more kids we have two kids right now and our first was adopted and when she turned 1 I got pregnant with #2 and due to GD and her huge size we had to have a c section @38 weeks. So my question is if I even want to attempt a VBAC how long is required to wait before conceiving? We were hoping to have the same age gap between all the kids so we would start to try in July. So my question is if it says 18-24 months is that 18-24 months before trying to get pregnant or before the baby would be delivered?

Re: sorry if i'm 100th person to ask this

  • 18 - 24 months between delivery and pregnancy is a general guideline for VBAC. I have also seen this vary a bit. If you have a VBAC supportive provider you may want to ask this question as well since there maybe other information that would need to be factored in based on your personal situation.  I have seen some research saying 12 months between pregnancies. 

    I do not think they have cold hard facts that indicate what the perfect timing is to decrease uterine rupture so they can only provide guidelines based on research of past births.  There are also other factors like the use of augmentation during labor etc. that play into all of that.  I am by no means a medical expert but this is some of the research I found when making my decision.

    I personally was cautious and did not get pregnant with my second until my first was 18 months old. I then had a VBAC when my DD was just shy of 2 1/2  Generally it is good to give your body about a year - 18 months to restore itself after pregnancy and delivery. My provider was just fine with me trying for a VBAC with 18 months between pregnancies.

  • I also suggest you bring this up with your Dr.  At my checkup after DD was born, my Dr. told me to wait 9 months before getting pregnant again - putting 18 months between births.  We even discussed my desire to VBAC.  But different doctors have different guidelines, and also, every mom is different.  Only your doctor would be able to tell you what he/she recommends for your individual case.  I wish you the best of luck!
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  • What PPs said.

    AFM, I got pregnant with #2 when my first was 15 months old and my OB said that was more than enough spacing to try a VBAC.
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  • It varies by doctor, I think, and of course by what caused your c/s. My doctor told me she wanted at least 12mos between deliveries (ended up being 13.5), but I got a lot of skepticism from other moms (and some health professionals) when they heard that. I think my doctor tends be a little more lax than most. For the record, my vbac went beautifully, and he was out in 2.5hrs, start to finish!
  • depends on your dr and situation. i got pregnant with my second when my first was six months and had a vbac after an emergency c-section with the first. i am older and also have some medical issues that my dr agreed outweighed the dangers of having the vbac too soon. 

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  • My doctor told me 12 months between pregnancies which is exactly what we did (21 months between deliveries). I did rupture, but who knows if it was related to the spacing or not.
  • I had a succesfull VBAC 18 months after my c section. Depends on Dr and your condition though.
  • I was never actually told a specific time line, but I had a successful VBAC 19 months after a c-section (and then another VBAC 20 months later and another 22 months after that), and there was no hesitation from any doctors at either of the practices I went to about my VBAC intentions.
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