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Trying for post pregnancy weight loss


What has everyone been trying for post-pregnancy weight loss? I’m trying to lose those last 10 lbs and it’s tough! A friend mentioned MyFitnessPal and someone else suggested Vida health coaching. Anyone have experience with them?

Re: Trying for post pregnancy weight loss

  • I like my fitness pal for tracking exercise. It's fun to see where you're at with reaching your goal. It will also say how many calories you burned. I am having a hard time right now though staying motivated to work out!

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  • Im a big fan of P90x if your looking to lose that last little bit. I didnt have a full hour so indid my own warm up ( usually 10 minutes cardio then stretching) and my own cool down and cut it to 45 minutes so usually i coukd get it in within a nap. This time around i want to try some of the jillian michaels videos
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