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Advice please charting 1st time

What does this look like to all of you had teeny but if spotting last night and this morning but gone since I'm so hoping for a Christmas miracle baby

Re: Advice please charting 1st time

  • We aren't Dr's so we can't really advise you on this. 
    But spotting can happen at anytime during a cycle.  But generally it is appropriate to intro before posting. 

    We met in middle school. We got married 15 years later in a February blizzard of 2010. 
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    Diagnosed with Lyme Disease June 2010 Diagnosed with PCOS March 2011 Diagnosed with Celiac Disease January 2013
    BFP #1: August 25th 2013 EDD May 4th 2014 SCH MC October 3rd 2013
    BFP #2: February 14th 2014 EDD October 25th 2014 CP February 17th 2014

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  • kworgiss said:

    What does this look like to all of you had teeny but if spotting last night and this morning but gone since I'm so hoping for a Christmas miracle baby

    Is this real?
    I am not sure how to say this without getting a "solicitation" warning so I guess I just say that I am not longer active on THIS site. 

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  • Oh, @buggirl72‌ ... So patient, so wise.
  • It looks like a unicorn. We are all hoping for a miracacle sweetheart.

    this seriously made me laugh out loud. =))
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    RE Consult 11/3/14 - AMH 2.25 "great" . FSH 7.10 . Low Vitamin D
    Myomectomy 12/17/14.  Benched until March.


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    Me 34 DH 31, Together since 2003, Married August 20, 2011,  TTC since May 2013
    BFP #1 August 24, 2013! MMC discovered Oct. 3, 2013, D&C Oct. 4, 2013
    BFP #2 December 17, 2013! MMC discovered Jan. 28, 2014, D&C Jan. 30, 2014
    Testing done: male with complete Trisomy 16, not hereditary. Tested me for clotting disorders, all normal.
    Feb. 2014 all clear again to TTC!  Will start progesterone supplementation with the next BFP just in case.       Oct. 2014 more testing just because, thyroid and autoimmune panels = normal.  Diagnostic U/S = no abnormalities.  Will keep trying for 3-6 more months, doctor still optimistic!

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  • Definitely did not expect this when clicking in the thread. I think this is the second one I've seen in a few minutes span. Ughhh @-)
    Me: 26 DH:28
    TTC - Sept 2014
    # 1 BFP - October 5, 2014 EDD June 5, 2015 CP - October 14, 2014


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