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When are you doing first appt


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  • Mine is on the 18th which will put me at 7 1/2 weeks or so.
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  • I'll be almost 9 weeks. I'll most likely be getting a dating ultrasound before that, though.
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  • It looks like ours will not be until we are almost 10 weeks so we are looking at late Jan. 
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  • First appt and ultrasound is 1/15/15.
  • My first appt is December 10. This will be 6 weeks and 1 day since my missed period. Is this too early? They told me they will do an u/s.
  • January 2nd.  DH wanted to wait until the first of the year for insurance purposes.  Whatever, dude.  I'll be 9w4d, I believe. 

  • I had my pregnancy class and registration today. They did all the lab work while I was there. My first OB appt was scheduled for 12/10 that would but me at 6 weeks 4 days. They said they'd prefer to see me at 8 weeks (I'm not sure why they didn't schedule it for 8 weeks). So I rescheduled for 12/19. I'm dying... I want to see this heartbeat!
  • Mine is next week!!  I'll be 6 weeks.

  • Spoke to midwife today and i am Having my booking appoinment Dec 19 which will make me 7 weeks 3 days. Then she said book for first ultrasound around 10 weeks :)
  • I am meeting with the nurse at my office on 12/18 at 6 weeks and I will see my doctor on 12/22 at 7 weeks. 
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  • I just made my first appointment for 1/13/15. Feels like an eternity away.
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  • My MWs office called last night and changed my appointment from Dec 31 to Dec 9. Yay! They've also booked me for an ultrasound on the 19th.
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  • I'm going on Dec 31st.  I'll be 9 weeks based on LMP.
  • The first appt is set for next Thur (one day shy of 6 wks).  I'm hoping to see/hear a heartbeat and get the first pic printed.  I have to go back and check, but I think I went in later with my son and earlier with my daughter.  The first 4D u/s is scheduled for 10 weeks.  We're a bit compulsive in that with our son, once we started the 4D vids at 10 wks, we went back every 4 wks until the last month, and then went every two weeks ... something like that.  Really have to pull out their stuff and check.  I just know that for the second, we felt obligated to do the same as we had done with our first, so that she wouldn't feel like, 'Where's mine??".  Don't feel obligated with this one, just excited again (we've had a good gap to help me reset).
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  • Wow, I'm guessing the majority of you are from the states. I live in Canada and I had one appt at 5 weeks where I peed on a stick to confirm I was pregnant, my next appt isn't until 12 weeks and they won't be doing an ultrasound. Ultrasounds don't usually happen until about 20 weeks, unless your history indicates you should have an earlier one.
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