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Help new mom,

I'm a new mom to a lovely baby boy, I had a hard time feeding him in the hospital so the gave him formula, and now I want to breastfeed and he won't latch. Did I make a mistake giving him a bottle. I pump the breastmilk but I don't think it enough for him.

Can someone help me

All so what can I do to stop leaking. I have nursing pads but I leak throw them also


Re: Help new mom,

  • Thank you. They gave him a bottle in the hospital because he wasn't latching. I would love to nurse him but he just won't latch :-(
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  • call your pediatrician ASAP b/c sometimes they will have an LC on staff or be willing to see you in the office to help with the latch.
    Also, try attending a La Leche League meeting,

    Also call your OB/GYN or the hospital that you delivered at as they often have weekly meetings for new moms. These meetings really focus on BFing b/c that is where new moms seem to need the most help.

    good luck!
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