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Emergen-C while pregnant?

what do you think? Nephew came down with a fever while heading home from Thanksgiving visit yesterday. This morning my daughter woke up with a fever. No other symptoms. Is emergen-c safe or no while pregnant, or what have you done? Google research says the abundance of vitamin c might not be the best, which is what makes up a large portion of emergen-c.
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Re: Emergen-C while pregnant?

  • I've also read the same thing about vitamin c. I found this link that suggests 85 mg a day for pregnant women and emergen c is like 1000 mg. I would prob clear it with your OB before taking it.

  • I went on a work trip To Thailand when I was 5 weeks. I was concerned with germs and getting sick from the 22 hour flight and my ob said it was totally fine to take. She actually said.....please do so...just don't get sick! The vitamin c and stuff is far better for you and baby then getting sick.
  • That was actually one of the things that my midwife suggested because I was having a hard time ingesting water. I've found that it has worked well for me.

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  • I had an emergen C the other day and it gave me instant diarrheah. Like within 5 mins of drinking it- not sure if it was just a coincidence or what.
  • Yeah I took it about 3 times while I was traveling a few weeks ago to keep healthy and hydrated after long flights. 
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