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Looking for formula recommendations

Hi all!

I have breastfeed my almost 7 month old exclusively since birth. My supply has been lessening more and more and I am close to needing to supplement. I asked our pediatrician what formula to use and he said "one of the major brands is fine." Was hoping for a little more guidance! Looking for recommendations for formula that BF babies do well on. TIA!

Re: Looking for formula recommendations

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    My pediatrician says the same thing. Formula is FDA-regulated so although there are different brands/varieties they have to meet the same nutritional requirements. Store brands are less expensive. More info:

    My baby does fine on Enfamil Newborn, Enfamil Gentlease, and Up&Up Gentle (Target store version of Gentlease). We normally use the Up&Up Gentle but occasionally we'll use the Gentlease if we get coupons or free samples. My baby seems to hate the taste of Enfamil for Supplementing since she always refuses to drink it after 1 sip. I mostly FF but BF a few times a day.

  • We use the gerber supplement for BF babies. DD likes it and I have no complaints.
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  • Thank you!!
  • I like the similac supplementation for breastfeeding moms and so does my LO

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  • I'm probably the odd one out here, but we use Hipp Organic First Infant Milk. We had been ordering it from the UK, but I just found out that Whole Foods might have it, too. Anyway, our twins were using the Target brand Soy formula and Enfamil GentleEase, but they just never seemed content (tummy aches, constipation, etc). I did a lot of reading about "formulas most similar to breastmilk" and we switched to this - it's like magic, I swear! It smells SO much better than both of their other formulas and they both are much happier.  Good luck with whatever you decide! Every baby is different! 
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