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STM+, what do you regret buying/couldn't live without?


Re: STM+, what do you regret buying/couldn't live without?

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    Re video monitors

    My dd also cries in her sleep and will whine between sleep cycles. I like being able to see when her leg is stuck in the bars (dd is a thrasher). I also love the talk function. If dd is getting wound up at bedtime and sits up in her crib I can tell her it is time to put her head on the pillow and go to sleep.

    Some parents leave their kids in bed after bedtime no matter what and some go in for every noise. If you feel you will be in the middle of the two extremes, a video monitor is a helpful tool for determining if you need to get off the couch or not.
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  • Re video monitors: I like the video monitor to help me see if DS is awake before I enter the room. Sometimes he'll just chill quietly in his crib. If I walk in the room and he sees me he must be picked up.
  • Regrets: wipe warmer, car seat/stroller combo(they grow out of it so quickly), so many gender specific things lwe couldn't reuse anything when we had a boy after our girl)

    Couldn't live without: Moby wrap (getting the hang of it took a few tries but it was my favorite thing I never had to use a stroller it just made everything so much easier). Convertable carseat they go from 5lbs to 100 lbs you only have to buy one carseat ever, not one for each stage. I also love my diaper genie it's great when you don't want to smell the nasty stuff in the nursery!
  • About the video monitors, they are virtually useless in the early months. But the thing is priceless now that my toddler likes to quietly strip and rip off his diaper.
    I didn't have a swing first time around and will probably buy a used one this time because he loved the one at kids club. I also scoffed at the price of Sophie the Girafe, but caved and bought one when he kept trying to swipe them from the mouths of babes around a year old. Still one of his favorite play toys now. And can't live without A&A Swaddle Blankets. Great for swaddling, cuddling, and wiping runny noses later on.
  • Must haves - good simple carrier (I loved the new native sling - used it til my son was 3), diapers and wipes, plenty of clothes, Shout for pre-treating stains, cozy blankets, good car seat, baby bath. A nice robe and a great set of pjs for you! You'll live in them for the first few weeks. Or months.. Reliable *simple* thermometer (has to be rectal when they're eentsy). The digital/ear ones never worked which was scary. Infant tylenol.

    Waste - bottle set and microwave sterilizer (I breast fed),
    Pacifiers, a walker (never used it), boppy (my boobs were too small to find this useful for nursing).
  • swing wa a waste, both kinds hated it. We didn't even plan to get one, but got it to see if it would help with some colicky stuff (it didn't). didn't have a rocker, bouncer, rock n play etc etc. Any of those. Didn't miss them. I figured Id buy them when the baby came if I felt we needed them. Mine also hated the velcro swaddlers (we got one free from hospital)… normal swaddles easy enough. We have never actually set up our monitor, i hear everything. No video. Seems pointless to me, though with older kids would be nice haha. 

    Love the play gym thing.Oxy clean for stains. Loooove my BOBs. I have a single and double, they are my only strollers and I run with them etc. Love my tula and mei tai. I had waaaay too many burp rags for #1, but I needed them and then some for #2. I love my diaper genies too - don't smell at all. Wet diaps from older kids smell IMMEDIATELY when not in that thing, it is so worth it. I also love getting waterproof lap pads to use on the changing pad under babies bum, so you aren't washing the pad cover 10x a day. 

    I liked the my brest friend with #1, didn't bother with #2. Squishy pillows worked just as well. 
    PNP was so so key. It was set up on main floor and gave us a napping/changing station on both floors till they were bigger. 

    Trumpette socks! A little $ but they STAY ON!!!! And so cute too. Run small. Also don't buy too much clothes. You don't know what you will a) like when baby arrives and b) will fit for season for your child. Id have been wrong on both counts fwiw.

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  • With baby #4 we skipped the crib entirely. He's 15 months and still sleeps in the pack n play. We used the dresser as a changing table. Worked like a charm.

    My fav things were the swing, the bouncer chair and a portable high chair. The kind that straps to the table. Seriously. We keep one in the car for on the go and one at my MIL house. Best $40 I ever spent. My hubs fav thing we got was the foam puzzle mats for the floor. We have tile all over the house so tummy time was a challenge until we got those!
  • Bump for all of the registry questions
  • Most useful item was Boppy... For nursing, holding, and tummy time!
  • A couple of must haves were:

    - Swaddleme Wrapsack
    -myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector
    - Formula dispenser (for diaper bag)
    - Forehead thermometer

  • Waste - the crib we ended up cosleeping. The best was my bugaboo stroller - LOVE!!

  • Must haves:
    -Nose Frieda
    -Swaddles (blankets/ sleep sacks)
    -Medela Breast pumps: I have the double electric and manual ones.
    -A two in one nursing/pumping bra or tank top. Best thing ever.
    -Nipple cream
    -Carriers: the k'tan and ergo worked great for us.
    -If you cloth diaper, a good quality cover is a must! Fit is also important. We had some cute, yet very cheap covers that soaked through.
    - White noise. I didn't get a machine but I found albums/ playlists on Spotify that I would just play on my phone or iPod.

    These aren't major regrets since we got them as gifts but they just took up space in our apartment. My son didn't care much for these things.
    -Snuggabunny bouncer that vibrates and plays music. Worked great at first but didn't last very long.
    - Jumper. I think it's a Fisher Price one that has all the bells and whistles and cost over a hundred bucks. We hardly ever use this.

    In the near future:
    What I'm thinking I'll need now is a small stroller or possibly a double stroller. I had one but we didn't use it because the carrier was more convenient. However, I don't think I can carry a toddler and a baby at the same time.

    I'm also going to put together a postpartum kit for myself for after the baby is born. I thought of doing this while I was recovering from my c-section last time. Some things I'd put inside are: water bottle, snacks, burp cloths, diapers/wipes, extra onsies, swaddle, nipple cream and diaper cream. All this would go in a bag or caddy that I can carry around the home. I know that for me the first few weeks were spent staying put and breastfeeding. It'll be nice to have these things handy and in one place. Plus I know I may be a little too lazy or tired or recovering in pain to keep getting up to grab what I need or to change a diaper.
  • Hubby and I always regretted buying a stroller, and we found quickly that the expensive crip wasn't worthwhile, either. This time around we're going with a wrap type carrier and Ikea's cheapest crib.
  • This is #4 for me, every child is different but these are my favorite things.
    Rocking recliner- so much more comfy and better for sleeping.
    Baby Hawk- this is my #1. No infant insert needed, birth to 35+lbs, custom fabrics (you can even send her your own!), machine washable, made in the USA. This is how you get anything done with a newborn and how you go places without the heavy car seat.
    Nursing cover- for obvious reasons.
    Medela Hand Pump- to reduce engorgement in the beginning and if you want to leave the baby for more then a few hours. If you are going back to work upgrade to the electric pump (o believe they are covered under insurance now.)
    My Breast Friend nursing pillow- as a lactation consultant I always recommend this one. Since it snaps on its high enough to get the baby to your breast without needing a pillow under it. And since it's flat the baby doesn't roll into you.
    Diaper bag- if you're planning on having more then one, splurge for the nice diaper bag (Petunia Pickle Bottom is my fave.) that way you get the most use out of it. And get it and Nordstroms and save the receipt so you can exchange it if anything happens to it.

    Don't need:
    Wipe warmer: if the baby gets used to this, what are you going to do when you're out of the house?
    Multiples: you don't need a swing, a bouncer, a bassinet and a rock and play. You also don't need a bassinet, a rock n play, a cosleeper and a pack n play. Pick one and you'll be fine.
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