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Black Friday / Cyber Monday baby shopping?

Is anyone doing baby shopping while they can hit the holiday sales? Or are you waiting/hoping to get some items as gifts?

We bought girly crib bedding and room decor on sale and have a few other bigger items we're looking at. Since this will be our second kid under 2, we don't need and/or expect a lot in the way of gifts. We're also all set on bigger items, like a crib, carseat, pack-n-play, swing, etc. Some big ticket items we're still looking at include a double stroller, a toddler bed, and another mattress. 

The other baby stuff we need is either gender specific clothing, or replacements for worn-out stuff from DS. Those are the kinds of things which are inexpensive enough to get later.

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Re: Black Friday / Cyber Monday baby shopping?

  • I don't think I need anything really for baby. I think we have everything. I did do some online Black Friday shopping for my big girls to help my mom n law out. But 'Santa' is completely done shopping for my girls! Yay! All that is left to get is a few nick nacks for family members.
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  • The dresser with changer top I was eyeing is excluded from the sale :(  I have some time, so I think I'll wait until January to buy it.

    I'm hoping for more presents on the smaller stuff.  I might buy a couple of maternity pieces though.
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  • I'm keeping an eye on the sales. This is baby #4, but I still feel like we need a bunch of stuff. Our car seat expired so I have to get a new one. I also want to get the baby a new baby blanket to have right away, and a new nursery quilt (plus other accessories??) to make the nursery have a bit of a new look. I have to go through baby stuff. I think we may need some new onesies and a sleeper or two, plus all the basic early stuff--the diapers, diaper cream, lanolin cream for me, breast pads, all that stuff!
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  • I did go out Thanksgiving soon but did not see any baby deals really.  I went to Walmart which I usually don't do but they had a lego tower I really wanted and then they were sold out. :(  Boo.  

    I do need to start shopping for baby though. This is our third and was a surprise so I have already gotten rid of most of our baby items.  I have a breast bump and furniture and a high chair.  But my carseat is expired and I got rid of our pack n play, bouncy seat, swing, boppy pilow.. etc.  Most of the kids clothes I've gotten rid of too. I have all of my daughter's newborn stuff left but she was a winter baby and this is a summer baby.  :/ 
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  • I'm so tempted, but I'm only 8 weeks. Get a grip, Heather! lol.
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