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  • kch917 said:
    kemcc13 said:
    I love all of the ribbon detail that some of these trees have!
    Me too. DH and I were thinking of trying to add ribbon next year, and after seeing everyone's beautiful trees I think we need to try it.
    This is our third year with the same decorations and I was telling DH that maybe we could change it up next year. I actually made a pretty cool burlap garland that I would like to use on the tree. So I will probably be hitting up some sales after Christmas for new tree decorations. So fun
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  • Pretty trees girls!!!!!
  • We got our real tree for free, a friend gave it to us. It's 7 ft, and we have 9 ft ceilings, and a bay window. So excited to have our first tree up :) Please ignore the floor, they are original wood floors we found under the old linoleum. We are having them refinished this summer.
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