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In Shock and Completely Numb (BFP)

After my negative test last weekend, I stopped testing and waited for my temp to drop and CD1 to come.   I told DH what was happening Tuesday and he was very supportive.  I had a bunch of Wondfo OPKs but only 2 Wondfo HPT tests left, so yesterday I used an OPK  and got a positive.  This morning no temp drop and no period, so I broke down and used my last FRER because it was almost 1 week later and no period.  Holy Shit!!!!!  Two solid lines.  I opened a Wondfo HPT to see what was going on and got a BFN.  I guess I had a very bad batch of wondfos.  I should have known, when in doubt, confirm with a FRER!  I showed DH and he was happy, but cautious.  He said we could do a happy dance and frequently discuss it after the dating U/S.   I'm in total agreement as we don't want to get our hopes up to be let down again.  The plan is not to say anything to anyone until the new year.  I will probably use my digital at the end of next week for extra reassurance. 

If things progress in the next few months, then this will be the last thread I start and for the first time in 15 years, I will not be in my classroom to greet my students on the first day of school.   I almost wish I could still be blissfully unaware so I wouldn't be freaking out about every cramp, pull, or tug and I could be here a few weeks longer.  Pgal brain is already setting in and I am sorta terrified.  I am still unsure about posting this because of my post at the beginning of the week and I apologize if anyone is hurt or offended for a BFP post after posting about a loss less than a week before, but I have been so blessed to have the support of you wonderful ladies and would have been lost this week without you.  I am tearing up just typing this.  Thanks for the laughs, hugs, tears, and love.  I will lurk, but will miss you all.  I hope to see BFPs in the coming weeks and more August soon to be mommies joining me.
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DD 3/29/12
                  BFP 6/4/14 ~ MMC 7/7/14 ~ D&C 7/15/14            
BFP 11/28/14 ~ MMC  12/29/14    

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Re: In Shock and Completely Numb (BFP)

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    Congratulations! I was thinking you were pg, but I can understand how a bad batch would put doubt in your mind :) I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months.
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    AMA 35 :  DH 33
    BFP#1 1/26/14 (EDD: 10/7/14).  MMC 3/10/14 D&C 3/14/14
    RE Consult 11/3/14 - AMH 2.25 "great" . FSH 7.10 . Low Vitamin D
    Myomectomy 12/17/14.  Benched until March.


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    So happy to see this update. Have a smooth and uneventful pregnancy. We will miss your lovely countenance here.


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    Congratuations.  I am really happy for you!  The PGAL board is really supportive and understanding of all the craziness that comes with this territory.  You may want to check that out.
    Me: 37                                               
    DH: 45
    BFP #1 3/19/14  EDD 11/29/14 MMC D&C 4/24/14
    BFP #2  12/4/14 Beta #1 218 at 12dpo Beta #2 1055 at 16dpo
    Saw heartbeat 12/29.  Please be a rainbow.
    All welcome                                   
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    Congrats on the BFP!!!

    Sorry you're terrifed but it comes with the territory unfortunately. Happy and healthy 9 months to you! *hug*
    I am not sure how to say this without getting a "solicitation" warning so I guess I just say that I am not longer active on THIS site. 

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    Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you!  (but you will be missed here on TTC>35).   WHOO HOO!!!
    *** Child & current pregnancy mentioned ***
    Me - 41 (PCOS), Hubby - 43 (healthy)
    7/2013 - Sweet baby girl born (Clomid + TI)
    3/2014 - TTC #2, return to RE 7/2014
    12/2015: IVF #1 transferred two great looking embryos - BFP!
    First ultrasound: TWO beautiful little heartbeats!!
    Harmony: negative; level 2: babies look great and are boy/girl! :) 
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    Congratulations! Woo hoo!
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    Shut the front door!!! That's awesome! Congrats!!! I wish I knew how to do a funny GIF of a happy dance :)
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    I am so happy for you!!!
    TTC#1 since Aug 2013, I'm 37, DH 41.  
    Maya Arvigo Abdominal massage (daily self care), plus TTC meditations.
    I'm very sensitive to diet (gluten, avoid processed foods) and environment. Have a history of inflammation and tendinitis before going off gluten in 2009.  
    July 2014 - RE Visit #1: Eggs look good, Endometrioma on R ovary, HSG showed blocked R tube close to ovary. DH SA normal 
    DX: Endometriosis probably the IF cause and gunking up tubes.  Since egg reserve is high, RE says I can wait a couple months and then get laproscopic surgery to remove endo & clear tube.  If that doesn't help then move to IVF. 
    Dec 2014 - Saw new RE - does not recommend surgery on tube as it isn't likely to help.  Doubts I have endometriosis.  My endometrioma shrunk to neglible size (yay!) 
    Seriously considering IVF in March/April
    12/17/14 - Natural BFP! 
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    Woohoo! So happy for you! Can't wait to see all of your graduate updates. :)
    me:41   dh:43 
    Off Mirena Nov 2013, On Nuvaring end of Jan, Back off Sept 2014.  Never ending cycle starting end of Sept... 
    11/14 Provera failed... cycle continues 
    12/14 High FSH (57 "midcycle")  OBGYN had no clue... about anything 
    01/15 More lab results coming back from RE. U/S showed small (1")cyst on left ovary, thin lining, and couldn't locate right ovary so  possibly straight to DE and IVF 

    Occassionally mess with the chart below to see "what if" and learn (not to make it pretty but because FF stays drunk with me).  

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    Me 38   DH 34
    married 05-21-11 
    started TTC right away

    BFP- 10-16-14 EDD 6/13/15: MC 12-1-14 
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    @lcwed‌ congrats to you. That is a beautiful thing so no need to apologize. H&h 9 mths. I'm praying that August will be the mth for me as well. I'll let you know in the up coming weeks.
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    Yea! Congratulations!
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    Yesssssss! Congrats!!!!!!
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    Yay!!! Congrats to you!! I wish you a great 9mo!!
    36, DH 31 TTC #1 since we got married, July 2014.
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    Siggy warning....

    Omg girl congrats!!!! Love this so much!!

    ME:46 MH:44 DE IVF 2014
    Met with RE 4/11. 2 IUI's BFN. DE best option. Switched clinics to do "shared" program. Had to retake all tests and a mamm that put me behind and then on a DE waiting list for 12 months. Picked a donor!! (10/13/13) Got matched. Estimated transfer in December. After 2.5 years of patiently waiting I will finally cycle....can hardly believe it. DE cycle got cancelled. One of her tests came back positive.  Waiting for another donor. Donor picked!! (1/18/14)

    DE IVF #1 (4/26) BFN  DE FET #1 (6/4) BFP! Beta 1=339 Beta 2=852 Beta 3=9957 EDD 2/22/15!!



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    Congratulations!! Best wishes for a sticky baby!!
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

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    Congratulations, wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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    Yay - congrats! Thinking all the good thoughts for you right now.
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    Great news! Congratulations!!
    39 y/o DH 45 
    Married in April 2014 
    TTC since May 2014
    Oct 2014: RE Consultation
    Nov 2014: Submucosal fibroid removed
    Dec 2014: Letrozole CD 3-7. IUI canceled. BFN
    Jan 2015: Letrozole CD 3-7. Ovridel HSG Trigger. IUI#1 BFN
    IUI#2 next
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    Congratulations. Here's to a healthy 9 months!
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    yay yay yay!!! I'm so super duper excited for you :) I'm glad those wondfos were just a bad batch :D
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    That's wonderful! Congrats!
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    Congratulations @Icwed !!!  Hope your pregnancy is wonderfully uneventful!
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    OMG!!  This is the best thing to come back to from Thanksgiving!!  I am so happy for you!!!  H&H 9 months
    ****Siggy Warning***
    ~Formerly ABabyMabe4us

    Me(35) Him(35) Untied for life 4/1/2015.
    TTC Our 1st since 8/2014
    MC @ 7 weeks 5/2014
    Me: DD#1 3/2000, DD#2 6/2001, DS 5/2003
    BFP: 2/19/2015 EDD: 11/1/2015 IT'S A BOY!!!!

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    Davie813Davie813 member
    edited December 2014
    Awesome news--so happy for you!
    We'll miss you, but please keep us up to date on the grad check-in!
    *****Signature/Ticker Warning******

    Me: 41, DH: 45
    DD, 6/15/2013
    TTC #2 beginning January 2014
    AMH 1.05; FSH range 7-11

    July 2014: IUI #1.  Follistim + Pregnyl.  2 follicles--BFN
    September 2014: IUI #2.  Follistim + Pregnyl + Ganirelix + Crinone.  4(?) follicles--BFN
    October 2014: IUI #3.  More Follistim + More Ganirelix + Pregnyl + Crinone.  4 follicles--BFP!  Beta #1=10 Beta #2=33 Beta #3=97 Beta #4=158.  M/C 11/1/14
    December 2014: IVF #1.  Microdose Lupron protocol.  9R, 9M, 9F.  3 5-day blasts transferred 12/15. BFFN.
    April 2015: IVF #2.  Microdose Lupron protocol.  16R, 15M, 12F. Transferred 2 5-day blasts 4/12 and froze 4--BFP!  M/C 5/25/15
    August 2015: IVF #3.  14R, 13M, 11F.  Froze 5 blasts for CCS testing.  3 normals.  FET planned for 10/2015.

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    Just saw this, congrats!!!! What happy news, all the best to you!
    Me 42, DH 33, TTC for about a year naturally (but no protection for 4 yrs). Together 6 yrs, married June 2014.
    CD 3, FSH of 15, E2 67, AMH 0.43, LH 6.2, normal HSG test
    DH good count but low volume, 87% motility, 1% morphology
    IUI#1 - Nov 2014, 100 mg clomid and HCG, 2 large follies 20 & 16mm (7 follies total). BFN
    IVF# 1 Jan 2014, 225 Gonal F, 225 Menopur, Ganirelix, 4R/3M/1F w/ICSI - PUPO!

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    Congrats!! Wishing you a smooth 9 months!!!

    ***TW****MC mentioned & BFP mentioned***

    me 38 DH 39.  
    TTC#1 since July 2014
    AMH 0.1, DOR, Poor responder
    Moved to Prague, Czech Republic for IVF
    2 Natural IVF cycles, 3 full IVF cycles, 4 transfers, 1 BFP - heard heartbeat at 6w5d
    Diagnosed MMC at 9w1d on 11/30/15
    Headed back home to Colorado 12/12/15

    DE attempt in Czech Republic!! 

    March trip to Prague canceled due to Pancreatitis. :sob:
    Headed to Prague April 30
    3 different donors resulted in 1 PGS tested embryo and 1 fresh embryo
    2 embryo's transferred (from 2 different donors) on 5/10/16
    BFP on 5/15/16 at 5dp5dt
    Beta 1 = 81 at 8dp5dt, Beta 2 = 295 at 10dp5dt, Beta 3 = 891 at 12dt5dt. Beta 4 = 2114 at 14dp5dt, Beta 5 = 4916 at 16dp5dt, Beta 6 = 13252 at 19dp5dt
    Heartbeat at 6w5d 133BPM <3
    We are having a GIRL!!! Due Jan 26, 2017

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    Thanks everyone. I already miss you guys.  I hope to have lots of company in the next few months.

    @Davie813 Heeey Arnooold!  I actually remember that show.

    @hooligans4 Thanks for going old school.  I need a good gif today.  Also, your cupcakes are spectacular.  I love all the detail.
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    Me 36 DH 39

    DD 3/29/12
                      BFP 6/4/14 ~ MMC 7/7/14 ~ D&C 7/15/14            
    BFP 11/28/14 ~ MMC  12/29/14    

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