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Potty - Have you started training?

CanukMamCanukMam member
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Potty - Have you started training? 95 votes

10% 10 votes
Yes/No, We have the potty but it is casual intriduction
38% 37 votes
49% 47 votes
1% 1 vote

Re: Potty - Have you started training?

  • CanukMamCanukMam member
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    Opps Typo!! "casual introduction"

    Anyway, DS is at daycare where all the 2+ year olds are just going through potty training now, so he's exposed to all of this. We have purchased the potty at home but I definitely wouldn't say we have "started training". He's shown some interest and is starting to tell us when he's pooped, etc.

    Well today at daycare he took his first poop in the potty! So proud of my little man :)
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  • Haha, man you are tellin me. I'm as big as a whale, DS finishes daycare in three weeks and the new LO arrives in 5 short weeks. You need to be consistent when potty training and I don't have the time for it right now, it is definitely not going to be something we pursue. I cannot be sleep deprived and also potty training at the same time, it's just not going to happen! 
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  • Ella uses hers sometimes ..we always try before she gets in bath sometimes she goes sometimes she just sits

    Too crazy to start during holidays and no time with a colic baby..she is crazy right now with 2 new teeth coming in and still adjusting to havin. A little brother..I'm not rushing her
  • We aren't even close over here.
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  • We have a potty but are letting her request using it on her own - not forcing it. She has asked to go on the potty several times and actually used it twice in the past week and half.

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  • He will pee on the potty at least once a day, our best day was three pees on the potty.  Every diaper change I take him to the bathroom and he sits on the potty.  I take in one of his books and read to him so he will sit for a minute or so. 
  • We have a potty, and sometimes when V is in the bathroom with me in the morning, I'll point and ask him "pee in the potty?" and he'll sit (fully clothed), but we haven't actually attempted any real training yet. Would have liked to not have two in diapers, but I think it's still a little early for him.
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  • his brother is mostly potty trained and a few times early on he went on the little potty and peed, but now he just asks to go on and never pees.

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  • My daughter uses the potty on and off but since she is not two yet, I haven't forced it. She goes when I go, before and after her bath, before bed and in the morning. I've tried leaving her in underwear at home but she wet about 5 of them in less than an hour, that's when I knew that she was definitely not ready.
  • Yes. It was her choice. I watch another little girl who is 9 months older than her and so she had been sitting on the potty since 22 months since the older girl was potty training. Then just about last month she didn't want to wear a diaper. We used training underwear and in about a week we were pretty consistent with going on the potty. Now she is in underwear and is pretty much potty trained when awake. She will only poop in her diaper (which does wake her from naps :( and she does wear diapers when sleeping). I did not push potty training and it was her choice so it was pretty easy since she chose when she was ready.
  • We've got a potty and he's used it a couple times for #1.. We're going to start officially 'training' this weekend and see how it goes. If he's resistant we'll take a more casual approach to it.
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