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Moving to Houston Feb and worried

Hi, I'm 35 and have my first bub on the way and my partner and I are moving from Australia to Houston. I think Spring/Woodlands area. I'm obviously very worried and scared as I will not know anyone and I'm concerned about health care. If anyone can advise me on any good hospitals/pregnancy care that would put my mind at ease. I'm hoping hubbies work insurance will cover me.

Re: Moving to Houston Feb and worried

  • Hello! I'm 33 and just moved to Houston from Pennsylvania in October. I have an 8 month old so I don't have any recommendations for hospital/prenatal care but for pediatric care, Forest Pediatrics, was recommended to me by several moms I met and also my cousin. My baby's first appointment with them is in a month so we'll see first hand. Just thought I'd share since I kind of know how you feel moving to a new place. Good luck!
  • Hi! I am also from Houston, but have lived here my whole life. I know it is stressful finding new medical care (especially when pregnant), but Houston is known for having some of the best hospitals in the country.

    I have decided to give birth at Texas Children's Women Pavilion in the Medical Center, and my doctor is with the Women's Specialist of Houston. My doctor is located in the hospital, which I like because I am already pretty familiar with the hospital and if I ever have a problem during my appointments I just take the elevator down a couple of levels and I can been seem immediately.

    I have heard many great things about the Women's Hospital and Memorial Hermann as well.

    Like the PP mentioned, Spring/Woodlands is a good ways away from the medical center, but many of these hospitals have satellite locations all around the Houston area.

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks so much for the info ladies. I guess once I arrive I'll have to have a look around. I basically want the best hospital and doctors close to home with special care units available for mum or baby just so any emergencies would be easily catered for
  • We're relocating to The Woodlands in February as well.  I've decided to go to Memorial Hermann.  They are on track to become a baby-friendly hospital and promote breastfeeding.  I've heard great things about them.  
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    Also Dr. Tammy Vu!
    Shesin the West Houston medical center. She delivered two of my babies in 2013, and 2014. She was seriously one of the best not only doctors I've ever met, but just a great person in general. She made everything so easy. When she delivered mine in 2013. She was due just two weeks after me. Shes amazing. Please look her up if you are in need of an obgyn.

    We have our "Irish Twins"

    DD born 8/7/2013

    DS born 7/28/14


  • NewMomma8 said:

    I hope I'm not stepping on toes since I just intro'd on this board, but I LOVE my doctor and hospital.

    I randomly picked my OB/GYN and luckily got an awesome one.  She is in Complete Women's Care Center (CWCC) in Houston.  They work with the Woman's Hospital right next door. 

    Not only is my doctor just amazing, she was thorough with things I didn't even know to ask about, and didn't mind all my random/FTM questions.  The hospital being right next door was awesome.  I had GH towards the end of my pregnancy, so if I went in for a check up and my BP was raised, they made me walk across the parking lot to the hospital and check in with L & D.  The convenience was great.

    I will say that Spring/Woodlands is a distance from the Houston location for CWCC.  I live about 40 miles from the Dr office/hospital, but I'm also used to the drive,...I work downtown Houston. 

    My doctor is also part of the CWCC and is worth every mile. Even though there is a CWCC office by me , my doctor mostly practices at the Houston location so I drive into houston for half of my appointments. The office and staff are amazing and all the doctors are qualified and super nice! I am so glad I chose them as my practice.
  • I've been a patient at CWCC for about 13 years & they're amazing! I also delivered at Women's. I'm so glad you are with them!
    I hope your transition to Houston has been good!
  • My husband and I just moved our family of two dogs and at the time, 6 wk old son. He is now 4 months and we are also in the Spring area. I have heard wonderful things about Mem. Herman in the woodlands. I will probably go there when we are ready for LO#2.

    Hope your move was smooth sailing!
  • Another australian-Houston transplant! We moved from Perth 4 months ago and are due end of November. My husbands company actually provide us with some pretty amazing insurance (they tend to do that for expats). Can't help about the hospitals as I live within the loop. But welcome from one Aussie to another ;)
  • I love memorial hermann, but I've only been to the Katy and Memorial city locations. I just moved back here in February :) We moved up north by Canada after my first kid and came back to have the next it seems. I'm in Katy right now but should be in Spring Branch (not spring) in less than a week. I don't think highly of spring, or the branch. Woodlands, tomball, cy-fair, alief, cinco ranch, and katy all have my support when it comes to raising a family.
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