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Do not give children fluoride!

Flouridated water, drops, supplements, and toothpaste should NOT be given to children, as fluoride in all of its forms is more toxic than lead. Please watch this video from Ph.D. biochemist Paul Connett on the damage that fluoride does to a child's IQ, due to the impossibility of regulating dosage --

Remember that children are receiving fluoride through water, toothpaste, and foods that are prepared with or grown in fluoridated water. They also absorb fluoride through the skin which means they get it from the bath or shower, as well. Most water districts in the USA buy their fluoride from China, where it is produced as a byproduct of their phosphate fertilizer industry. The fluoride is unregulated and contains other heavy metals in it, as well.

Distillation is the only way to remove 100% of fluoride from water. Filter water systems will not remove much fluoride.

To become educated on this topic, please watch the Arizona Fluoride Debate (2012) --

Re: Do not give children fluoride!

  • "There has been more litigation on alleged damage to agriculture by fluoride than all other pollutants combined." (1983)
    - Dr. Leonard Weinstein, Emeritus Scientist, Cornell University

    "(Fluoride) was more responsible for damage claims against industry than all 20 (nationally monitored air pollutants) combined."
    - Edward Groth, Senior Scientist, Consumers Union

    “We are left with compelling evidence that powerful interests with high financial stakes have colluded to prematurely close honest discussion and investigation into fluoride toxicity.”
    – Dr. Sheldon Krimsky, Tufts University, August 16, 2004.

    Given the above information, it seems "Priss08's" very rude comment is way out of line. May I recommend that individuals reading this check out the videos posted above? I am a concerned father and I did look into it, and I am very unsettled.
  • The ringleader behind has his own issues, such as being paid-off by large corporations to represent their views. He is in the process of being sued for this, at the moment.

    Perhaps you should watch the debate video, posted above. I did. It appears to place all the main points from both sides of the debate on the table. The dentist who is passionate about putting fluoride in our water systems loses the debate. It is very clear he is relying on emotional arguments and data that has not been thoroughly put to the test. Dr. Paul Connett knows the pro-fluoride studies well, and pokes holes in them quite easily.

    It's rather obvious to me that big corporations are paying to produce massive amounts of propaganda around this issue, to support fluoride. They also appear to be paying people to post on forums, such as this one. Given the Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda/public relations, is the same man who was paid to convince the medical establishment that toxic fluoride was good for our teeth -- I am not surprised that this level of propaganda continues.

    It's likely far less expensive for the medical establishment to pay for propaganda promoting fluoride, than to pay out class action lawsuits that would happen, if the public knew what they were consuming.

    Parents who are not sure should be safe and not give their fluoride. This debate is already over with but the corporate $$ going into the pervasive propaganda continues and exists to make people think that fluoride is still safe. It is not safe -- especially for our children!

    Remember when anyone who challenged Big Tobacco was a "nut case"? Same thing for anyone who questioned why lead was in gasoline -- the propaganda labelled them "wackos." This is happening with fluoride,as well.
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  • Yes, you are right, The scientific data clearly shows fluoride is harmful, so there really is no debate. All that is left is propaganda that pushes fluoride, despite that most countries in the world have rejected fluoride based on the scientific data. The USA is a small minority in that it continues to pretend fluoride is safe.
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    If no one believes fluoride for kids is a bad thing, then why do so many hundreds of community-based groups, including those comprised solely of mothers, exist against fluoride?

    Most western, industrialized countries have rejected water fluoridation. Countries that have banned or rejected fluoridation include:

    -China, the largest population in the world

    -Austria, where “toxic fluorides” are not added

    -Belgium, which says that those who want fluoride should acquire it themselves

    -Finland, where authorities have noted that there are better ways to stop cavities (through natural methods)





    -The Netherlands




    -Japan, which notes that calcium fluoride is the type needed and not industrial sodium fluoride, and regulates the amount as well

    Israel recently announced a ban as well, as have parts of Africa.

    Note that fluoridated table salt does not help teeth since to have ANY impact at all, fluoride needs to be in direct contact with teeth for a few minutes straight. Ingesting it does no good. It MUST be applied topically. Even then, the impact is so extremely small it is not even worth talking about as some form of tooth protection.

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    There is no ban on floride in drinking water in Sweden (I live here so I would know!). The bedrock in general has enough levels of flouride that no extra needs to be added. Get your facts straight.
  • Pediatrician here!

    The American Academic of Pediatrics, Center for Disease Control, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend fluoride at proper doses, not on opinion, but on large scale evidence that it is safe and effective at reducing health risks. 

    Yes, you can overdose on anything. The best method of administering fluoride safely is topical application to teeth. That doesn't mean that a proper dosing of ingested fluoride is dangerous. Let's compare motive here. The above source who is neither a pediatrician nor any other type of medical doctor is trying to sell you his book. Your baby's doctor, on the other hand, utilizes the best unbiased scientific evidence and leading experts on the topic to formulate a plan to optimize your baby's health. Which do you trust?
  • I grew up in Europe where fluoride is not put in the water. I take excellent care of my teeth but have tons of cavities because they are hard on the outside from topical fluoride but soft on the inside from no systemic flouride. I am more concerned with chlorine used to treat water than the addition of flouride.
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