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Decrease in fetal movement w/pelvic pain

Hello! I am 23 weeks 5 days pregnant w/ a little boy named Simon :-) A couple of weeks ago he was karate chopping me and kicking like crazy, especially between 9pm and 2am. For the past 3 days, I have noticed a significant drop in fetal movement and generally only feel about 3 kicks per day. Since yesterday I have had lower pelvic pain, especially on my right side as well as significant back pain. On that note I do want to mention I am overweight (240lbs), have Crohn's disease AND have had back problems since before I was pregnant. Also yesterday I was feeling under the weather and nauseous. Today I woke up w/pelvic pain, but not as much back pain. No bleeding/spotting of any kind. I called my doctors office and spoke to a nurse. She said it doesn't sound like anything to worry about and that this early in the pregnancy there can be a decrease in movement, but as a first time mom and a slight hypochondriac who just wants to make sure everything is okay, has anyone experienced these symptoms and been fine? I do have a doctors appointment coming up for a check-up, but would love any feedback, especially about the decrease in fetal movement.

Re: Decrease in fetal movement w/pelvic pain

  • I would call and talk to your OB about this.
  • You could always go in and ask to check the heart rate for a little peace of mind.

    I was having a similar thing earlier this week- I was feeling movement but not the same kinds and it didn't seem as strong. As of yesterday baby is back to his old kicking self. I'm pretty sure he just turned and was facing in so the movements weren't as noticeable. My OB said this kind of thing is normal and not to worry too much about movement and keeping track for at least a couple of more weeks.
  • It's common for movement to be inconsistent which is why a lot of doctors don't recommend counting movement and kicks until you are 28 weeks. If you are still concerned after speaking with the doctor office's nurse, call them back.
  • Fetal movement isn't consistent until (and this number changes based on your OB) 28 weeks or so. My doctor said if I want to count kicks, to wait until 30 weeks.
  • Thank you so much! Like I mentioned, the nurse didn't seem overly concerned and as some of you had mentioned she said it was still early to really be counting kicks. With all my medical issues, I am just an overly paranoid person. Slightly more calm now after reading your posts. I do have an appointment coming up, so I will talk to the doctor then.
  • I had something similar happen recently. He got very quiet for several days and then I started feeling increased pressure in my uterus along with increased RLP. Then he went back to being super active. I chalk it up to a growth spurt, but if you're really feeling concerned you could invest in a Doppler for home or something. I'm also overweight, but it hasn't impacted me negatively.


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