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Sleep help, please

DD is 2 months old today. Up until this week she has been a good napper. Would take a 1-2 hour nap 3-4 times per day. The last couple of days I can't seem to get her to stay down more than 15-30 mins. I don't know what has changed or what to do. I have tried wearing her, but every time I put her in the most she wants to nurse but refuses to nurse in the wrap.

She is also not sleeping as well at night. She was sleeping 7-8 hours, but the last 2 nights only 5 hours and last night, after taking 2 hours to get her down, she only slept 4 hours. Any advice, suggestions, or just reassurance that anyone has is appreciated.



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    Our LO did the same thing and right around the same time. He started sleeping less in the day and waking  up more frequently at night. The sleeping schedule during the day is bound to change, as many babies will not sleep all day like they did when they were brand new. Our LO catnaps in the morning and has one big nap in the afternoon (2-4 hours).

    He also started waking up several times overnight, after having several weeks of only waking up once. We figured out that he had "outgrown" his bassinet and was waking himself up by kicking and punching the sides of the bassinet while sleeping. Once we moved him to his crib in his own room where it was darker and quieter (and the bed was bigger), he started sleeping 6 hours at a time again. I'm not sure if this is your situation or if any of this helps.

    We also bumped up his feeding - Not sure if you are BF or FF but you might want to try more ounces around bedtime too.




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    I feel like my LO's napping habits changed right around this time too. She's 10 weeks old, 2 months last week and she takes crap naps during the day!! Unless we hold her, she naps anywhere from 20-45 mins. The problem with her is when she doesn't nap at least 1.5 hours she only eats about half of her norm. So we're constantly putting her back to sleep. I'm hoping it is just a phase.

    Eta: she sleeps pretty good at night. Anywhere from 5-7 hours, 1 feed, then back to sleep for another 3-5 hours.
  • Yeah, my DD's daytime naps became way shorter at around 7 weeks. If she takes a long nap it's usually the last one, but it's not guaranteed.

    Babies usually get a growth spurt around this time so maybe your DD is in the middle of one and it's throwing off her normal sleep habits.
  • Does anyone else with napping issues also have feeding issues? My LO is 10.5 weeks old and if she doesn't nap well she refuses to eat more than 2-3oz every 3 hours (except overnight). I'm worried she's not getting enough, even though she has enough wet diapers, because I read FF babies are supposed to eat 2-2.5 oz per pound of body weight. With her being 11.5lbs she's not eating what's recommended.
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