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One tired working Mommy.

I recently went back to work. To work around my SOs schedule, I have decided to switch from evening 3-11 shifts to overnight shifts which are 11pm-7am. This is extremely draining. I need to nap before work to make it through the shift, and then I'm so exhausted that when I come home, I need to sleep for about 4 hours just to make it through the day.
My SO is normally amazing with getting up during the night and taking care of the LO if I really need sleep. But, lately, when I get home from work at 7am, he won't wake up if the baby cries. In fact, he'll sleep clear up until 11, leaving me to look after the LO until he decides to wake up. I know that doesn't sound too bad, but when he has to leave for work at 3pm and doesn't get home most nights until after midnight, I find it extremely hard to get any sleep.
Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I really wish he would wake up and let me sleep. I don't know how he can sleep through her crying, but I certainly can't.

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