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Question about City Mini Stroller (x-posted)

We will be heading to Disney World with an [almost] 5 year old and [almost] 5 month old.  We plan to rent a double stroller but are concerned about our 5 month old using the City Mini or City Mini GT.  Has anyone used that stroller for a baby that age/size?  Any issues?

Our Chicco travel system stroller is way too big for her to fit in now (straps don't go small enough to accommodate her size) and we will not be traveling with her car seat.  One thing the Chicco does have that the City Mini lacks is the ability to raise and secure the leg opening so that she can't slide through when laying flat.  I'm concerned about this aspect as well.

Thanks for any replies!

Re: Question about City Mini Stroller (x-posted)

  • I appreciate that you mentioned they are designed to be used from birth!  I noticed the manufacturer's website did not mention minimum size requirements but you never know.

    That's what's crazy about the Chicco - it does lay flat but the straps are clearly not designed for a younger baby.  I think that's why I'm so apprehensive about other full-size strollers.  :-)
  • We used our city mini gt when our LO was a few months old. We just made sure she was buckled in completely, even when fully reclined. Never had an issue with her sliding.
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  • At almost 5mo your LO should be able to sit assisted so you won't have to keep the seat fully reclined. I think most BRU & BBB have the CM in store, you can go try it out before you leave for your trip. If she needs a bit of support, bring a snuzzler with.
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    We used our city mini gt from birth. Worked great, straps were not a problem. As long as you have her strapped in properly you don't need to worry about "sliding through".

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  • We used the City Mini with my son from birth, too, along with a Summer Infant body pillow. He was fine; there's a five point harness so the baby won't slide through or out.
  • you can also roll revieving blankets or towels to help keep her in position, but by then she should be pretty good. we started using ours withoit the carseat at 5 months. the straps are a bit of a pain to adjust so just give yourself pleanty of time for that. You'll love the size of the canopy for sun protection.
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  • Thank you all for your feedback!
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