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CPW: Who Are You? (Everyone come in - lurkers, too!)

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We've done this before, but not in a while. The board changes anyway, so it's fun to do again. Stolen mostly from a post by @RedTwizzlers a while back.


If you're not sure if you're a regular, ask yourself, would other people I consider regulars recognize me? If the answer is no, you're not a reg.

CPW: Who Are You? (Everyone come in - lurkers, too!) 126 votes

A regular
34% 44 votes
An occasional poster
17% 22 votes
A newbie but I'm doing my best to partcipate a lot
14% 18 votes
New to TTCAL but not posting much yet
3% 4 votes
A PGAL/PAL dirty lurker
21% 27 votes
A non-PGAL/PAL lurker
5% 7 votes
SS (special snowflake)
3% 4 votes
DX: I'm a Recurrent Loser
Me (35) + DH (37) - Married Sept. 2007
BFP #1 - DS born 7/11/11
BFP#2 11/13/13 - EDD 7/29/14 - M/C at 5w3d
BFP #3 12/28/13 - EDD 9/7/14 - M/C at 4w6d
BFP#4 3/27/14 -  EDD 12/5/14 - Girl lost to 45X at 8w6d - D&C 
BFP#5 10/15/14 - EDD 6/30/15 - M/C at 7w2d
BFP #6 1/5/15 - EDD 9.16.14 [CLICKY for progress]
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Re: CPW: Who Are You? (Everyone come in - lurkers, too!)

  • Older than dirt...
    I love you.

  • I have run the gamut of dirty lurker to everyday poster and everything in between in the past almost year.  But, I think I'm a reg.

    ETA words.  Because they are hard.

    I would say you are definitely a regular.
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    About Me: 

    AMA 35 :  DH 33
    BFP#1 1/26/14 (EDD: 10/7/14).  MMC 3/10/14 D&C 3/14/14
    RE Consult 11/3/14 - AMH 2.25 "great" . FSH 7.10 . Low Vitamin D
    Myomectomy 12/17/14.  Benched until March.


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  • I'm in that weird place in between newbie and regular. I'm definitely not privileged to be part of the distinguished long standing ladies here. Does being here almost 4 months count as a regular? 
    BFP #1 12/19/13 We lost our Fenix 7/31/14 at 36 weeks due to torn umbilical cord
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    My Chart TTA until Feb 2015
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  • jj32 said:
    I voted reg. 
    Like @ldubhawksfan I feel I am on the cusp. I have been here for a while and I feel I post regularly. 
      I think of both of you as regs.
    Me: 37                                               
    DH: 45
    BFP #1 3/19/14  EDD 11/29/14 MMC D&C 4/24/14
    BFP #2  12/4/14 Beta #1 218 at 12dpo Beta #2 1055 at 16dpo
    Saw heartbeat 12/29.  Please be a rainbow.
    All welcome                                   
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  • I'm still a newbie but starting to get to know everyone!
    Me: 32 DH: 32
    Met: 4/25/2004, Married 8/14/2010
    Off BC 1/2013 TTC (actively) since 5/2013
    5/2014 started testing with RE, me:  HSG normal, normal AMH, no cysts; DH: great sperm
    Unexplained IF + unexplained anovulation (post-pill vs hypothalamic)

    7/2014 Clomid (monitored) + TI: BFN
    8/2014 Clomid (monitored) + TI: BFP #1: 9/12/2014, EDD 5/22/2015, MMC 10/11/2014 8w1d
    11/2014 Clomid + Novarel + IUI 12/5/14: BFFN
    12/2014 Comid + Novarel + IUI 1/3/15: ???

    **PgAL/PAL welcome**

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  • I voted occasional poster. But I feel like I'm somewhere between occasional poster and newbie :)
    BFP #1: 5-14-2010, DD born 1-22-2011
    BFP #2: 4-20-2012, Natural MC 5-1-2012
    BFP #3: 7-19-2012, DS born 3-27-2013
    BFP #4: 9-13-2014, MMC discovered 10-27-14 at 10w, d&c on 11-6-14 

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  • I voted occasional poster. I don't consider myself a newbie because I have been on this board for almost a year.

  • Once upon a time regular, returned as a newbie, creeping back towards regular? 

    ::The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar that even the ultimate fullfillment of that hope cannot fully erase:: Thomas Hardy

    BFP #1: 07/08/11  EDD: 03/22/12  Missed miscarriage @ 8w: 08/11/11, stopped growing @ 6w6d
    BFP #2: 03/26/12  EDD: 12/07/12  We have a HB at 7w!! (04/20/12)  CSD born 12/12/12 
    BFP #3: 08/05/14  Chemical Pregnancy at 4w3d 08/06/14
    BFP #4: 10/02/14  EDD: 06/10/15  Miscarriage at 6w6d 10/22/14

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  • katib77 said:
    Ss- I consider myself a former reg that has drifted back to occational poster due to circumstances. "I wish I knew how to quit you." ;)
    Feeling the same :)

    ***Siggy Warning - loss mentioned***


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    ME: 32   DH: 38

    BFP#1 - 7/18/14; EDD 3/23/14; MMC 8/11/14 (passed naturally on 8/17/14)

    BFP#2 - 12/29/14; EDD 9/10/15 *PLEASE BE OUR RAINBOW!*


  • katib77 said:
    Ss- I consider myself a former reg that has drifted back to occational poster due to circumstances. "I wish I knew how to quit you." ;)

    Also, I <3 you Katib.

    [Deleted User]taberbtb
  • I've been here a long time but I think I'm an occasional poster. I'm active as I can be, but I'm not sure I'm around enough to be a regular.
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  • :-h @HeyMrsPotter miss you!

    TTC since Sept 2012
    M/C on 5/01/13 at 8 wks
    AF finally appeared 11 wks later per Provera
    Diagnosed with PCOS on 7/29/13
    Three Failed Medicated Cycles, NTNP Indefinitely
    BFP #2 9/14/14, EDD 5/23/14...MMC discovered @ 9w2d; D&C 10/23/14


    My Chart

    ***** All ALers welcome *****

  • Km380 said:

    I feel more like an in betweener - not a newb not quite a reg - but I chose regular

    I'll be at a new place providing support. 

  • I feel regular, but sometimes I have days (like today) where I don't post much. 
    We met in middle school. We got married 15 years later in a February blizzard of 2010. 
    TTC since February 2010
    Diagnosed with Lyme Disease June 2010 Diagnosed with PCOS March 2011 Diagnosed with Celiac Disease January 2013
    BFP #1: August 25th 2013 EDD May 4th 2014 SCH MC October 3rd 2013
    BFP #2: February 14th 2014 EDD October 25th 2014 CP February 17th 2014

    Naked push-up foreplay pioneer
  • I'm definitely a newbie but trying to participate as much as I can and get to know everyone!

    Married 9/13/14


    Me: 24 / DH: 24

    BFP#1 10/15/14 - EDD 6/19/2014 - MC 10/23/14

    BFP #2: 12/18/14 - EDD: 8/31/15 - MC 1/4/14 5w6d

    **Currently Benched until TBD**

    My Chart

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  • I know you @Kateisoptimistic‌ and I'm new! I remember your name, mostly because I've heard nice things about you :)
    I am not sure how to say this without getting a "solicitation" warning so I guess I just say that I am not longer active on THIS site. 

    [Deleted User]
  • I wasn't sure on this one either, but I went occasional, since I mainly stick to check ins.

    DD 15.07.2012

    BFP #2 01.18.2014, MMC 04.10.2014 15w5d

    BFP #3 07.18.2014, MC 07.31.2014 5w6d

    DX: RPL due to submucosal uterine fibroid. Hysteroscopy 12/16. All clear!


  • I post lightly. Just so busy these days that I haven't been able to get into the board as much as I would like, but I read a lot more than I post, so I feel a bit stalker-y, hah.
    ~ K.

    PCOS, EDS III, low progesterone. Six early losses (5-8 weeks,) 1 twin loss. Surprise natural BFP 2014-12-17 Ectopic dx and MTX 2015-01-02.
  • I'm a newbie. I try to participate as much as possible, but work gets in the way lol. I'm really trying to become more active.
    Together since April 2004.  Married since June 19th, 2010.
     BFP #1: January 31st 2012: CP. 
     BFP #2: June 1st 2012, Due:2/8/13. Avery was born via unplanned c section on 2/13/13. 
     BFP #3: Sept. 25th, 2014. Due: 6/5/15.  MMC on 10/23/14. Confirmed complete molar pregnancy per D&C 10/29/14, 
    HCG officially negative 12/10/14.  Benched until June 2015.

  • I checked regular.  I just realized I've been active here for over 6 months now and we've been TTCAL for almost 10 months now.  I would post much more if work didn't get in the way so much. ;)
    Me: 31     DH: 33
    Dx: Me: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss; DH: Low Morphology (2%)
    BFP#1: MC 3/1/11 at 6w1d - EDD 10/21/11
    BFP#2: 5/3/11 - EDD 1/9/12 - DD Born 1/6/12
    TTC #2 since 12/13
    BFP#3: MC 2/8/14 at 4w5d - EDD 10/13/14
    BFP#4: MC 5/6/14 at 4w4d - EDD 1/9/15
    BFP#5: MMC discovered 8/4/14 at 9w1d - D&C 8/5/14 - Baby Boy with Trisomy 16 (maternal origin) - EDD 3/8/15
    BFP#6: CP 11/6/14 at 4w2d - EDD 7/14/15
    IVF #1 with ICSI & PGS: May/June 2015, ER 6/3/15, 17R/17M/15F
    IVF #2 with ICSI & PGS: July 2015, ER 7/16/15, 16R/11M/9F
    PGS results = 6 normal embryos (4 boys, 2 girls)
    FET 9/23/15 = BFFN
    Natural FET 11/4/15 = BFP!
    Beta 9dp5dt = 92

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