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Question About City Mini Stroller

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We will be heading to Disney World with an [almost] 5 year old and [almost] 5 month old.  We plan to rent a double stroller but are concerned about our 5 month old using the City Mini or City Mini GT.  Has anyone used that stroller for a baby that age/size?  Any issues?

Our Chicco travel system stroller is way too big for her to fit in now (straps don't go small enough to accommodate her size) and we will not be traveling with her car seat.  One thing the Chicco does have that the City Mini lacks is the ability to raise and secure the leg opening so that she can't slide through when laying flat.  I'm concerned about this aspect as well.

Thanks for any replies!

Re: Question About City Mini Stroller

  • I've also used my CM double since birth. It should be fine
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  • My last 2 kids have ridden in a city mini double since birth, no issues. It reclines fully, straps adjust, etc. At her age she'll be sitting almost all the way up when awake. It's a great disney stroller, we just used ours with a 3 year old and 5 month old when we were there.

    Thanks for the reply! Can I inquire as to how the trip went with two kids of those ages? I'm nervous about the baby with regard to being out so much with less opportunity to nap as well as NIP (I very heavily rely on a nursing pillow and this bought a travel boppy). How did the kids work sleeping in the same room? It will be our first time traveling with two kids and the baby is in a bit of a period where it takes her a while to fall asleep. I'd love any tips!

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  • BBColt78 said:

    I've also used my CM double since birth. It should be fine

    Thank you!

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