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Who shops on Amazon?  Anyone check out the "lightning deals"?  I saw a sand box that I was totally up for getting for $32 marked down from $50 but decided not to buy since I really don't have any room anywhere to store it until summer. And then summer. I don't have anywhere to put it outside because if I put it in the backyard, my dogs might shit in it. Or around it. And can't leave it out front, my neighbors are shitty.  But anyone who doesn't know about the lightning deals, needs to check them out. I got DD a really awesome bubble gun for like $4 marked down from $10.
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  • I've been watching them like crazy...I got DD a Despicable Me backpack from it. For the past few years, 90% of my Christmas shopping has been from lightning deals on Amazon :)
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  • Ill have to check them out!
  • I may or may not be really bad about online shopping. I have to really limit myself, because things like those lightning deals were the death of me a few years ago. I was all up in sites like No More Rack and everything else. 

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  • Oh I know I have a spending problem. Any other day I would've bought the sandbox anyway
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