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Declining gift from MIL

I'm just not sure how to handle this! My MIL (probably the sweetest woman ever) offered to buy me a diaper bag. It's a pretty pricey bag and she saw a younger family friend with it and thought if she had it when she was raising kids it would have saved her life. Now I have been looking at the colors online and honestly not in love with any of them or with the bag itself really. I found a different brand that is cheaper that I would prefer.

How do I say that nicely? She REALLY loves the specific bag she wants to get me. So I feel strange telling her I would rather her get me a totally different bag, since I'm sure her desire to get me a diaper bag came from seeing this specific bag she offered to get me.

**she is also the single sweetest and gentlest woman I have met.

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Re: Declining gift from MIL

  • So you tell her, "thank you so much for thinking of me. That looks like a nice bag. I'm glad x is really enjoying hers. I'm planning to buy/already bought this other bag. Thanks again." There isn't a nice way to say buy me this instead, so don't. If she wants to offer to pay for the other one, she will.
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  • I would just be honest with her. Thank her for the generous offer but let her know unfortunately it's not your style/is not what you are looking for. I think she would appreciate your honesty.
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  • Just be honest, that won't come across as rude at all! I think it would be worse to just allow her to waste money on something you don't love. You are the one who will be using the diaper bag. 
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  • Ditto all PPs in that you can't nicely say not-that-but-this.

    If you tell her you have your heart set on a different one, she might offer to buy that instead. But it has to come from her.
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