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Confusion, possible chronic hypertension.

Hello all! I've made it to 27 weeks and have been doing really well. I was released from the high risk dr after 20w bc my bp was looking good, baby is growing well, and all. I've been checking my bp at home 3x's a day and it mostly stays in the 130's/80's range. Today, I had a terrible headache and my vision went out 3 seperate times for 5-10seconds each time. I called my OB and was sent to l&d. Labs looked good, my bp was checked every 10m while I was there and it ranged from 147/86 to 116/20. Most of the time it was in the140/60 range. The ob on call said I most likely am dealing with chronic hypertension.

My confusion comes from this: I don't have problems with my blood pressure outside of pregnancy. I followed it closely after my 2nd pregnancy when I had the most problems and it was in the normal range after delivery and up until this pregnancy (3years later). If you have been diagnosed as chronic hypertension, can you tell me what it was like for you?


Re: Confusion, possible chronic hypertension.

  • Thanks so much. It is scary that blood pressure is basically symptomless. Good luck to you @blackpearl08‌

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    Hello ladies, I've been dealing with blood pressure problems since I was 16 or 17. Everyone in my family has perfect BP EXCEPT me! My numbers where always extremely high. 190/130 once it was 220/200 after I had some dental work. I would have headaches and some blurred vision but nothing more than that. The only time my BP would be normal was when I worked out, then my BP would drop so low that I nearly passed out at the gym almost every time I would work out. Fortunately the only time my BP has been controlled with no medicine is during the pregnancy. My husband says I should just stay pregnant forever. :) but good luck ladies high blood pressure SUCKS!
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