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*~September Sapphires Check-In~* (Nov 25th)

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*~September Sapphires Check-In~* (Nov 25th)

This is an open check-in for those with a loss of a LO and/or EDD in September of any year.

~NEW MEMBERS~ If you are new with a recent loss, welcome and (((hugs))). I’m so sorry for your loss and that you find yourself here, but I hope you’ll find that this is an amazing place to give & receive love and support. Please introduce yourself and be sure to include your loss/EDD to be added to the list.

~CURRENT MEMBERS~ Happy Tuesday ladies! (((hugs))) to all who need them! 


~RECENT GRADUATES~ If you have gotten your BFP and have graduated, congratulations and have a H&H 9 months! Please PM me the great news as it is sometimes very difficult for me to check PgAL. If you get your BFP after the check-in is posted, then I will add it to next week’s check-in. 


anglndsguse44      9/03/2014
zapgurl44         9/04/2014
QuigleyCat1           9/07/2012
megrae12               loss 9/09/13
MyFirstRaspberry   9/09/2013
natsfans84             9/10/2013
CallaLily30             9/18/2013
jenn0021               9/25/2011
Flowerstar1023       9/26/2014
Graceanne927     9/27/2014
MelissaL124 9/27/2014
ashlee113085     9/28/2014
eliida     9/29/2014
LauraO11     9/2014


If you don’t see your name below, it just means that we missed you last week. No worries, just give us an update.

CallaLily30  - How does it feel to be back home after your time in VA? FX for AF.
LauraO11  -  Any sign of AF? I hope that you were/are able to manage your pain through her visit.
ashlee113085  - How was your appointment with your new therapist? Were you able to reschedule the HSG? FX that you get some answers soon.
megrae12 –  When you do register for classes? I can’t remember, are you temping this cycle?


UPDATE: Update us on appointments, cycle days, struggles, successes, non-TTCAL news and everything else in between.


QOTW: What’s you favorite pie? Bonus: Do you have a signature dish that you prepare for the holidays?

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Re: *~September Sapphires Check-In~* (Nov 25th)

  • Hey @eliida! Thanks for the check-in. How is everything going with you? 

    My therapist appointment was good. I think that she will be much better than my last one. We had a very organic and purposeful conversation that really helped me feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I haven't yet rescheduled my HSG because my doctor just wants to monitor me this cycle before doing anything. After we talked, he thinks a better route is to do the CD3 blood work, which I did yesterday, and to monitor me for this cycle. Next cycle we will be doing the HSG. He also wants to double check my insurance because we recently changed insurance and he just wants to make sure that it's covered and all that jazz. I have my mid cycle ultrasound on 12/3 where they said they will check egg quality and sperm survival so that will be interesting....

    On a non TTCAL front, I am ready for Thanksgiving...I have practiced all of my dishes a sufficient amount, and I also have the house cleaned. I unfortunately have had a lot of time on my hands since school has been canceled. I am trying to figure out what to do for my birthday which is on Sunday. I am out of ideas. I normally love my birthday, but this year it just feels weird. 

    ((hugs)) to all who need them this week! 

    QOTW: My favorite pie is pecan pie. Also, our family signature dish is homemade noodles to substitute gravy. I am currently trying to perfect this recipe....last year's was a disaster...but I think with my Kitchen Aid attachments I've made huge progress. Now to see if my grandma approves! :)
  • Thanks for the check in @eliida. I hope all is well with you.

    I am temping this cycle, mostly to see what is going on with my body. Everything was going swimmingly and now I am dunno what happened. Guess my PCOS decided to show up. I am not sure if I am going to O or what. Surprisingly, I am quite ambivalent about it all. I consider that to be a good thing. I dunno when I register for classes. I have to get my transcripts sent over and I need to talk to them about some other stuff. We shall see though!!

    QOTW: Oh, gosh, I love pie!! I think it will have to be a Dutch Apple pie, though. Bonus question: My signature dish is my cream cheese pound cake. It's an old family recipe and I swear it is such a hit that if you do not get a piece quickly it is all gone before you know it. I have NEVER had any left over. 

    @ashlee113085 Happy early birthday!! I hope your noodle dish turns out well. 
    Multiple TTCAL 1IF 3
    DX: stage 2 Endo 2012, PCOS 7/2/14,  HSG 6/11/14, Lefty open!!
    BFP#1, EDD: 4/27/14, Missed EP confirmed: 9/23/13, R tube removal: 9/25/13 
    Clomid/TI #1=BFN, 
    Clomid/TI#2=BFN, Clomid/TI #3=CP
    BFP #2 CP, EDD 7/12/15
    On a treatment break: 2 natural cycles. Saving money, sigh*

    Goodbye my sweet babies. We miss you so much. 
    All Welcome

  • @megrae12  Thanks! I'll need all the luck I can get. They're pretty harsh critics over here and i'm not much of a cook..DH does all the cooking! :) Also, cream cheese pound cake sounds amazing!! 
  • @ashlee113085‌ My favorite is pecan, too! Good luck today, the noodles sounds great. :)

    I'm sorry you have to wait until next cycle for your hsg. I suppose, though, when it comes to insurance bs, better safe than sorry. Glad to hear you'll be well monitored this month. Also, love that you sound happy with the new therapist! What a difference!

    I had a hard time with my birthday this year, too. Perhaps it's because I cooked up a picture of what it would look like and when that was no longer possible, I felt crushed again. Plus, all that reflecting on the last year/thinking forward to the next stuff - not pretty. I hope that you and your husband are able to do something low key and special. ((Hugs))
  • @megrae12‌ Cream cheese pound cake, hmmmmmmmm. That sounds awesome!

    I'm so sorry that your PCOS is rearing her ugly head. F that. Sometimes ambivalence can feel like a rest.

    Btw- Your new puppy is so sweet. Congratulations!!! I want to hug her. :) Any news on a name?
  • AFM, last week was very interesting. I had my first appointment with the RE (technically, he's an REI). All in all, it was a great meeting. He's my favorite kind of nerd and he a professor on the subject, too. (Excellent explanations.)

    Based on my earlier blood work and our history, he thinks the problem is with my ute. He ordered a hsg and somehow was able to do it the following day. (Hooray for cancelations, I suppose.) The good news is is that aside from a small amount of scaring in an area that he doesn't think would impact future pregnancy, the primary issue can be addressed with baby aspirin. My lining is thin, but close to normal range. Next cycle he wants to check my tubes and do a SA.

    Neat thing on the US, he could see that I was very close to ovulating. He actually told us to go home and get busy. Unfortunately for my brain, he mentioned that there's evidence that an hsg can actually aid conception. Of course now my hopes are so high that they're practically in orbit. I'm chill in every other part of my life. It's like I've saved up a lifetime of flipping out for this.

    P.S. You guys had me so well prepared for the appoinment that I may have been called a teacher's pet. :) Thanks.
  • Qotw: Pecan pie is probably my favorite, but really I've never met a pie I didn't love. I have a cornbread pudding/spoonbread that I make for big dinners that I'm pretty proud of.
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