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When to register?

I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and I was wanting to wait a while before registering. But some family members are asking us to start a registry (I'm guessing in time for Christmas). I have reservations. I haven't picked out a nursery "theme" or colors so I don't want to register for nursery decor or things like that. When is too soon to register?

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  • Personally, I'm waiting until after my anatomy scan. I've been researching, but haven't formally created anything. 
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    There's no rule on when is too soon, it's just what you are comfortable with. I started a registry at 12 weeks but kept it private until a month before my baby shower (around 32 wks). You don't have to register for everything all at once, you can start with a few things and add to your registry over time.
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  • Register when you feel comfortable doing so. As others have said you can easily start with gender neutral items, crib, pack n play, etc and then update and modify the register once you know the sex and decide on a theme.

    Good luck :-)
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  • I started a wishlist on Amazon a few weeks ago...the main things on there are stroller/car seat sets, pack n play, swing, etc.  All big things that I would get regardless of boy/girl.  We just got our pack n play through a Buy/Sell/Trade.

    We will be moving when baby is around 3 months old so I have not put much thought into decorating a nursery--baby will still be in our room until then anyway.  However all the colors I have liked are gender neural--greens, yellows, browns, etc. so I have had no problem picking out or even purchasing some of those bigger items.

    As far as moving the wishlist to a registry...I probably won't until after Christmas.  It is just a busy time and with us moving in a week and the holidays, I really don't feel like putting forth that effort until after it has all passed.  We will know boy/girl by then but really like PPs have said, that shouldnt make a difference when you are looking for bigger items.

    It may help you to start early just because there is so much baby stuff out there, it can be overwhelming to look through it all and make decisions.  If you start earlier you can do a little at a time.

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  • We registered once we had shower dates but started looking at baby stuff after our first ultrasound.

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  • Agreed Bliss+Berry. But it's more of a thing where I feel like I might want to wait for our 20 week ultrasound before I do. I don't know why.
  • Register when you want to. I would have already started mine, but H wants to wait until after our anatomy scan next week. We plan to get it done before Christmas, we just aren't sure when we'll go and get started.
  • It's good to have a list just for yourself to plan all the things you'll need. I think now is appropriate to register but later on is fine too. One bit if advice, don't wait too long when you don't have much energy in the 3rd trimester. We went to BRU when I was 28-32 weeks to register right before the shower (with my first) and I only got down one aisle before I was worn out. I finished the registry online.
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  • We began a registry at 12 weeks, using it more as a list of what we are going to need. We did this on Amazon, because they have everything and it was easy. Then we created one at Babies R Us and Target with the items they had from our Amazon registry so that people could shop locally if they wanted to. As things were bought off one of the registries I would mark them as bought off the others to avoid duplicates and it worked out pretty good. 

    We are team green, but even if we would go with all gender neutral items. We won't be having showers for any other babies and want to be able to get the most use out of everything. 
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  • I waited until after the anatomy scan. I only created small registries at BuyBuy Baby and Babies "R" Us neither are complete. I also will be registering at Target. I know that sounds like a lot but I figure not everyone has all of those stores near them. When I went to the store the CSR said it is never too early to register.
  • I started an Amazon registry very soon after finding out we were pregnant just to be able to save things I see and would like and not forget them. But I'm keeping it private until we have a date for the shower unless someone asks before then, and I'll have to go through and make sure the stuff I saw early on is still available and still what I want. Not sure when I'll do the brick-and-mortar store registry, probably late in the 2nd trimester. We aren't finding out the sex before the birth though so everything's going to be neutral anyway.
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