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D&C Awake (Positive experience)

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum and decided to have a D&C to move forward quicker. I also chose to have the procedure at my doctors office AWAKE. I was anxious AND TERRIFIED after reading horror stories online from people who have had theirs done awake. I literally cried until the appointment. I was given cytotec (intravaginally) to help soften my cervix 12 hours prior to procedure. I was given Dilaudid for pain, zofran for nausea, anti anxiety medicine and an injection of Toradol. The dr also gave me a cervical block. The cytotec caused low-moderate cramping and a tiny bit of brown discharge about 5 hours after inserted. The procedure lasted maybe 5 minutes and I only had yucky cramping from the suction which lasted 5 Seconds each time he did it, which was twice.

I am only writing this to say that MY experience was not bad at all and I wish I wouldn't have psyched myself out by reading others experiences. Everyones experience is different. :) I left smiling, hopeful, and ready to move forward. We even went for ice cream and rented a movie right after. I am now home resting with a heating pad and somewhat sleepy from medicine. Slight cramping and bleeding.

If you chose a d&c awake or asleep please don't worry. It'll be okay. :) this is a terrible thing that women have to go through but we can do it.

Hugs and prayers for everyone in this situation. Try to stay positive Bump friends. Sending positive vibes your way!

As you can see, I am very happy and relieved this is over and my husband and I can move forward and TTC again. I choose positivity from this day forward.

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Re: D&C Awake (Positive experience)

  • Good luck sister. I'm glad that you're looking at this in such a positive way. Good luck in your ttc journey. I hope that you continue to stay positive. I had a blighted ovum too but I'm not as positive as you! I wish I was but I'm just not as strong I guess. Hugs to you !!
  • I am sorry for your loss but I am glad you had a good experience with the D&C. 

    Good luck with TTC!
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  • Thanks y'alll. I just wanted to share a positive story after dreaming out from the stories I read on Google... By no means was it a pleasant experience but it wasn't awful. Good luck to you ladies too. :))
  • Ew I do NOT know what that smiley face is! I meant to just put a smiley face...
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