2nd Trimester

Help, irritation???

Today I just hit my 26 week mark. This is my first pregnancy. And lately since I've gotten

 into my second trimester I have had swelling and irritation around the vaginal area. Is

 that normal. If so at what point should I be worried, or should I be calling my doctor?

Any comments or suggestions on how to soothe would be great. I've tried baths but ugh,

last night was the worst of all, it made it so uncomfortable to sleep.

Re: Help, irritation???

  • Some swelling is normal. Increased blood flow to the area can make your lady bits a little puffy and sensitive.
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  • As another member mentioned the blood flow to that region increases during pregnancy.  I have read that is can also cause some itching but if it is so bad that you can't sleep I would probably call your doctor.  Some things that may help- cotton panties and not shaving (if you do).  Wish I had some better suggestions!
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  • Walmart sells vagicaine, it helps soothe irritation for awhile, but if it is a yeast infection I would go get checked.
  • A few things that might help--wear cotton panties, don't use fabric softener on them, go commando as much as possible--at the very least overnight while you sleep, wear loose fitting pants/skirts when possible, don't over wash the area with soap, try to keep the area dry... I agree that it sounds like a yeast infection is possible, wouldn't hurt to see your doc at least to rule it out. If it is one, you won't get relief until you treat it.
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