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Thanksgiving Traditions

What tradition(s) do you incorporate into Thanksgiving each year?

DH, our two boys, and I eat cinnamon rolls and watch the Thanksgiving Parade on tv in the morning before heading to whomever's house we go to that year.  (we alternate between our families).  We also bring the Thanksgiving tree and supply the paper leaves to decorate it with everyone's thanksgivings.  Also, at my family's celebrations, we play a crazy game of Bingo for Christmas themed prizes.  It gets pretty intense and hilarious!

How about you?

Re: Thanksgiving Traditions

  • Since having kids, we've fallen into a "tradition" of having a relaxing morning watching the parade. I did make cinnamon rolls (from frozen dough) a couple times but I can't really call that a tradition. Then, in the evening, we got to DH's aunt's house for dinner with a bunch of his cousins. That's super nice b/c it's close, and we can just go for a few hours without a long drive or packing. I make pumpkin pies with the kids, too, and we always make one to bring and one to leave at home so that we can have it the next day.

    My OLD tradition was that we always did Black Friday shopping with my mom, aunts and Grandma. Not CRAZY shopping, but we'd go mid-morning, go out to lunch, shop in the afternoon and then have cocktails/wine and leftovers for dinner! Now my grandma is 95 and I have little kids, so we don't shop, but we usually still get together on Friday just to visit and have lunch or dinner. They are coming to my house for pizza this year. 

    Usually, I also put all our Christmas decorations up over Thanksgiving weekend, but this year we are doing it early since I'm so pregnant. 

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  • @CurlingRocks‌ we are Scandinavian, love me some Lefse. We do an all potato now as DD is allergic to wheat. I haven't gotten the recipe quite where I want it but it's close enough.
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  • This is our first thanksgiving with DS, and in looking forward to starting traditions with him. I'm hoping we can have the same breakfast every year (cinnamon rolls sound like a great idea) and watch the parade. This year we are hostin thanksgiving and if it goes well maybe we will do it every year. I like the idea of not having to drive anywhere on thanksgiving.

    I'll be getting out the Christmas decorations after our guests leave in preparation for getting our tree this weekend! So hopefully thanksgiving weekend will turn into getting ready for Christmas, with baking, getting our tree and decorating!
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  • We like to watch the parade and we go to dinner at my DH's aunt's house to visit with his family.  The day after Thanksgiving we go to dinner at my parents' house.

    I'd also love to watch a Christmas movie this weekend and start listening to Christmas music.  I've been avoiding my favorite radio station because it switched to holiday music the first week of November!

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  • We watch the parade and dog show! ;) and eat dinner. We go around the table telling what we are thankful for. After dinner we usually play games and act silly!
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  • @bostonkisses and @CurlingRocks have you ever watched the movie Best in Show?  I literally laugh out loud while watching it.  I may have to break it out soon!
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  • All potato lefse, @Keeptruckin?  I'm very curious about this.  Did you make the recipe or find it? Is the texture the same?

    I add a bit of gluten free flour to bind it. I use my potato ricer. They are still heavier, not light like DH's grandmother used to make.
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  • It's an all-day affair here: baking and prepping then, cooking as we don't eat until about 6pm. We stay in our PJs and have a huge breakfast, watch the Macy's Day Parade, call all the grandparents and friends, play Monopoly and Scabble and just enjoy being home all day. We always go get our tree on Friday and spend Saturday and Sunday dragging out all the indoor and outdoor lights and decorations, Grizwold-style. :) I also work on our Christmas cards and do some online Black Friday shopping.

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