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22 weeks. Whats a "normal" weight gain?

I'm pulling up on my 23rd week in 3 days. I'm 5'3 and started at 120, this morning i weighed in at 135.4....
is it normal to have gained this much this early on? I feel like I didnt gain hardly at all then in the end of 4th and all of the 5th 
I gained at a super speed. Is it going to keep like this or slow down and steady out?

:/ Thanks!

Re: 22 weeks. Whats a "normal" weight gain?

  • i am 20w+5d.. i am 138lbs and started out at 120lbs.. i gained most of those lbs in my first trimester.. i don't know if it's "normal" but my doctors have not said a word about it.. so all is good in my mind.. it seems like from now on i'll be gaining the baby's weight i.e. baby herself and the extra water weight, placenta, boobs etc.. i think this because i haven't really gained a lot of weight since i started tapering off at the 2nd trimester mark.. i think it was like 15 lbs in the first trimester:[ it shocked me and made me sad but then i think hey i can gain this weight, i'm pregnant! but it did start to taper off and not just gaining all at once any more..
  • What does your dr say? We don't know your health background. I gained 20lbs in the first tri, and then 10lbs from 13 to 26 weeks. And I'm still calling myself normal. Although I have two endocrine diseases that make weight control nearly impossible right now - so we are just happy it's only 30. And I am normally about your size - when things are under control.
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  • Average is 10-15 lbs by 22 weeks, 10-16 by 23 weeks, so you're fine. Seriously, though; every woman and pregnancy is different; so as long as your doctor isn't concerned, you shouldn't be. 
  • I've heard it goes by your weight before you became pregnant. I think the last few months you can expect to gain a pound a week. Your doctor will definitely say something if you are gaining too much or too little.
  • At my 20 week appointment I was up 12 pounds and my doctor said he was fine with that.  I really didn't gain anything in my 1st tri and then about 8 in a couple weeks.  I was concerned, but my doctor said babies have growth spurts just like they do after they are born.  As everyone has said, every person and every pregnancy is different.  if my doctor isn't concerned and I am eating healthy, I'm not going to worry too much about it.,


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  • I gained 10 pounds in the first tri, but my doctor said it was fine.  Plus my twin sister gained 10 also in her first tri but wound up only gaining 22 over her entire pregnancy.. she just gained it early which is what happens to some women.  We are both pretty athletic, so it's not like either of us were over or under weight.
  • I'm 22 weeks and am up 10 pounds. I started out at a normal weight. My doctor said I am right on track. Generally if you are at a normal weight before pregnancy "normal" gain is 1-5 pounds in trimester 1, and then about a pound a week after that. So that implies at 23 weeks anywhere from 11-15 pounds is "normal".

    Though that's just a guideline, there is really no normal as long as your doctor is ok with your progress.
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  • I would talk to your doctor. I'm 26 weeks and I've gained 5lbs overall, but I'm also pretty heavy so my target weight gain is very different than someone starting out with a lower weight who would need to gain more.

    As long as you're eating more healthy than not and doing some sort of exercise, you're probably fine.
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  • I gained a huge amount the first trimester when you're only supposed to gain a couple pounds if any. Back then I could pretty much only keep down carbs and I am just so hungry all the time!  :@) Started out at 102 and am already 121 at just 18 weeks. I can't even blame it on the baby, I just got fatter so quickly that you cant even see my bump. I stopped working out too as soon as the sickness and tiredness hit. Everybody oos and ahhs at my bump but in my head 'm just like That's faaaaaaat  :-S The docs never said anything, except "wow, you're gaining about a pound a week" I'm eating very healthy, but if I'm not practically constantly eating I get horrible hunger pains that wind up lasting all day even after I eat (but lessened after eating). 
  • I've gained about 20 pounds by week 19. I feel like I might get yelled at by the doctor today. I already gained weight prior to pregnancy
  • I am 20 weeks and have gained 20 pounds already. My doctor hasn't said anything about it. I was very active and ate super healthy before getting pregnant - so I think that increasing my food intake a bit and lowering the intensity and duration of my workouts may have contributed to the weight gain. It's ok though - hopefully it comes off with breastfeeding!

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  • The "average" woman should gain between 25-35 pounds.  I was a little below average when I got pregnant with DS but still gained WAY more than recommended (50 pounds).  I was still healthy and he was healthy.  That's what matters more than the number.  Sometimes a higher weight gain can be a sign of something wrong, but for me it was just my sudden love of all food, any food and a gourmet chef at work.   As long as your doctor is worried by how much/little you've gained, you're fine.

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