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Monday To Dos

Good morning ladies! Hope every one had a great weekend!

The weather is nasty here so I'm just planning on playing with the boys a lot.

Go through some Black Friday ads
Work on baby books
Make supper
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Re: Monday To Dos

  • 1) Steam Clean the carpets (our geriatric doggy's meds are no longer working  :-S)

    2) Cut thirty one 2 1/2 x 12 1/2 pieces of material for my quilt.  

    3) Sew together the blocks and sashing

    4) Dyell DH's pants and shirts to prep for ironing. 

    5) Make Shrinky-Dink wine charms for a Secret Santa Gift. 

    6) Do a shopping run where I get rough looking twine (not sure where to get that), small shells and some nice tea and dark chocolate.

  • Morning!

    Straighten up
    Breastfeeding group
    Quick food shopping
    Welcome my brother home for Thanksgiving!

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  • Happy Monday!

    Prep/clean laundry room for new washer and dryer
    Return library books
    Return Red Box movie
    Figure out dinner
  • Absolutely nothing since DH is on vacation all week and we are both fighting a nasty stomach bug.
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  • Morning!

    Go for a walk
    Load of laundry
    Clean and straighten up laundry room
    Finish records requests
    Make grocery list for thanksgiving
    Make dinner
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  • YMCA
    Quotes for home insurance & alarm system for new house
    Laundry- thanks to delayed wash, I've already got a head start
    Bring in garbage bins
    Check mail for check- possible bank run
    Find recipe for Green Bean Casserole we made last year :-:
    Dinner at friends since DH is out of town for work
  • Pick up
    Deep clean kitchen
    Arts & crafts for kiddos
    Check with mil on what to fix for Thanksgiving
    If anything else gets done I'll be excited
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  • Clean up
    Car inspection
    DS haircut
    Go through baby clothes, bag the outgrown items
    Wrap MIL birthday present
    Update budget

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  • Kids are out of school this WHOLE week so we are off on an adventure today, all day!

    When we do get back home I have someone coming by to purchase things off our local Parent Swap site, dinner to make and a load of towels to fold and put away. :)

    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

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