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I need a new mattress - help

So DD has never liked sleeping in her crib, it usually takes 2-3 times putting her down before she will stay.

I finally realized that when I bring her into my bed, she sleeps perfectly well.

We have the Safety 1st crib mattress which is super firm. I'm starting to think that maybe we need something a little softer.

So, what is the softest safestat mattress out there? DD is almost 1 year, about 19 lbs, sits and stands well.

Re: I need a new mattress - help

  • Crib mattresses are supposed to be firm because soft sleeping surfaces increase the risk of SIDS and can be a suffocation hazard. We have one that has an infant side and a toddler side, but even that isn't super soft. I doubt you'll find one that is as soft as your own mattress.It might be that your daughter sleeps well in your bed because you're lying there with her. The only thing I can suggest is going to a store like Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby so you can test out each mattress.
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  • We love our naturepedic and our dd does too! We have the dual sided and it is ok to use the toddler side at 1 year. We still use the infant side at 20 mo but our dd sleeps great. It is organic too!
  • She probably enjoys sleeping with you. But some of the softest crib mattresses I've found are the foam mattresses from ikea.

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