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Does anyone think this means anything (heavy periods)

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I've always had very regular periods. 28-29 days and light-medium amounts of bleeding.

After DD2 was born, it took 17mths to get my period back (I was BF, but even so it only took 7 mths when BF DD1). When I did get them back they were really heavy. I'd have to always wear a panty liner even when wearing tampons to ensure I didn't make a mess on my underwear, and at night I would bleed heavily as well, when in the past I'd barely bleed at night at all. My cycles were also 25- 27 days long.

I mentioned it to a couple of doctors who were never interested in it because I guess it's still within the range of normal, and it's common for women's cycles to change after pregnancies..

Then I got pregnant and ended up miscarrying and having a D&C. Since then my cycles have been 26-28 days long, and while the bleeding is heavier than it used to be before DD2, it's not as heavy as it was after she was born, and closer to how it used to be.

Part of me isn't shocked by the miscarriage because my cycles didn't feel healthy. I don't mean to say that this kind of cycle is unhealthy in general, just that it was so very unusual for me, that it felt off, but not so off that it was worth really discussing with a Dr if that makes sense.

Just wondered if anyone has any kind of experience with their cycle changing significantly, and if it's meaningful, or if it's just me putting meaning on something that I shouldn't.
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Re: Does anyone think this means anything (heavy periods)

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    My period changed after I had my DS and changed again after my MC.  Mine has been the opposite. I used to have really heavy periods and now I go really light for 2 days and maybe medium the 3rd and that is all the period I have.  I'm not sure if it is significant or not just wanted to share that having previous pregnancies screwed up my body :)
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    I tend to think it is just a shift in hormones that causes cycle and flow changes and not something that is "off" so to speak.

    *TMI warning*

    After my mc I had 3 cycles where I bled so heavily at night I would wake up with blood on my thighs and I would drip if I didn't have a tampon in. It has regulated a bit in the last few months, but it is still different than what it was before I was pregnant.
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    My body changed too.  My periods are very heavy and longer now.  The first 2 cycles after my D&C were very very heavy.  Bleeding through super absorbancy tampons, 7 super absorbent pads a day type stuff, and I also have heavy bleeding at night.  Before it would be light at night.  It seemed even heavier than after I had DD.  By the third cycle they seemed to be slowly going back to pre-pregnancy normal.

    The length of my cycles had also changed.  I seem to have delayed ovulation more often and until this cycle, all my post O temps have been way below what they were before my last pregnancy.  I figure it was still my body recovering but I could be wrong.  Remember you know your body best, so if something feels off, it never hurts to have it checked out.
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    Mine were super heavy after I stopped breast feeding my second. My first is 18 and I just don't remember that long ago.
    They did go back to normal eventually. Your loss was not in the last few months (sorry I can't remember exactly when it was) so if it's been a while and your cycles seem off to you I would maybe check hormones or even get a pelvic sono to see what's going on in there. I know your loss was very rough on your body so maybe it has something to do with that. That's just my opinion.
    You have been through so much I wish everything works out well for you soon.

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    I've never been pregnant but my periods were very regular for YEARS with light-medium bleeding. These last 3 years my periods have been very irregular with sometimes very heavy bleeding. There were some months when I finally got a period after not having one for 3 months I would bleed so heavily I would need to wear a tampon plus a heavy duty pad and would still have to change them every 1-2 hrs. When I first went to my RE I had been bleeding for a month and after tests and an US she told me the bleeding wasn't even a period it was just "irregular bleeding" because my uterine lining was still very thick. So I had to go on prometrium to induce a real period to shed my uterine lining. She told me it was hormones out of whack that was causing my irregular bleeding. I know pregnancies can really throw your hormones off, maybe your body just needs time to regulate itself. But I would definitely bring it up to your doctor! I honestly didn't know you could bleed for weeks and not be a real period until my RE told me!
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    Very normal.  (children mentioned)

    After every single pregnancy My cycle would change.  Before DD #1 it was wonky. I was on Depo as a teen because my cycle would be 14 days long.  Then they went to about 7 day medium to heavy flow.  After DD#2, I went back to 14 days and heavy flow. I went on BC to regulate when I got pregnant with DS.  I was even thinking of ablation surgery after DS as we (ex and I) planned no more kids.  I was 23.  Of course my heart failure changed that and ex got a vasectomy.  But my periods went to 5-7 days and over the years went pretty light for my standards.  Then my loss in May.  I have average 9-15 days long and even once twice in on month.  Very heavy.  It is a real headache. and considering SO doesn't do BD during my mensus may even be hindering conception when my cycle goes real long. 
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