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Went in for normal first U/S left ectopic pregnancy

A few nights before Friday, I woke up in sharp pain in my abdominal area. I couldn't move, walking made the cramps worse. I ended up using a heating pad to relive pain in the abdominal area. The next morning, I woke up with sore abs. I was also having constipation, so I thought that maybe it was connected with ab pain. This was my first pregnancy and I didn't really know what is normal/abnormal. A few days passed, I had cramps that were severe but they went away with lots amounts of water.

On Wednesday I had my levels checked -and they had doubled. I had my first nurse appointment was told to pretty much stop worrying about "every little thing" I asked for a 6 week u/s to ease my mind when the nurse actually suggested not too bc everything she thought looked fine.

On Friday we went to our U/S and then was rushed up to see the on call doctor . I had an ectopic pregnancy and needed to go into surgery right then and there. So many emotions were going through my mind. 30 mins ago, we were upstairs holding on to hands with my husband in the waiting room and now we are going through emergency surgery.
One of my Fallopian Tubes was partially removed and the doc said the other tube looks good. After surgery I was complelty out of it due to pain meds and Being put under.
Today I suffered a panic attack and was back in the hospital with chest pains and having a hard time breathing. This weekend has been a roller coaster of emotions.
I still think this is all not true.

I have to remember that thank god I listened to my body and suggested an U/S when the nurse did not want me to have one. Our next US was not scheduled until Jan 5! That would of been a long wait with the egg stuck in my tube and God knows what could of happened, ectopic pregnancy is the number 1 cause of death in females during 1st trimester. I was very lucky to share my story and still here. I'm in pain, emotionally and physically exhausted and hoping to try again in a couple months

Re: Went in for normal first U/S left ectopic pregnancy

  • I am so sorry for your loss and everything you have gone through. That is scary. I hope you have a smooth recovery.

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  • Thank you ladies
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.
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  • I am sorry for your loss and all the physical pain you went through as well. It sucks sometimes when Dr's won't see us when we feel something is not right but I am sure they get all kinds of requests to be seen early. 

    Make sure you heal physically and mentally before trying again. Good luck to you *hug*
    I am not sure how to say this without getting a "solicitation" warning so I guess I just say that I am not longer active on THIS site. 

  • So sorry for your loss! You're in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs*
  • I'm so sorry for your loss :-( Your story gave me goosebumps. Thank goodness you suggested that U/S. I had done the same when I found out I miscarried. A woman just knows her body and when something is wrong or off. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Rest up and get well! XO
  • Thank you!!
  • I am so sorry Megan. I also saw your story on the July 15 BMB. I feel your pain since I have a similar story and it also happened around the same time. I am here if you ever want to talk to somebody or just vent. I hope your body is healing well from the surgery.

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