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Hi! My work insurance changed and my OB no longer takes the insurance. I was seeing Dr. Birnbach in Bocas who's partner delivered my son, so I'm a little sad I can't go to the same practice. I hear Bethesda has a good maternity center. Any recommendations for OBs around Boynton? I'm 8wks 1day.

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  • Dr Stewart Newman with Women's Health Partners. I have to switch my OB too he's no longer on our "preferred" list giving me a hefty bill :-/

    Also, Dr Tracy Button, Dr Jennifer Daif-Parker have been recommended by friends.
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  • I have an amazing midwife, Dr. Ilona Blumberg, shes affiliated with Bethesda Memorial and I believe Boca Regional. :)  
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  • I agree with the PP, I also do have Ilona Blumberg! And she's amazing!!
  • I have doctor David Lashway. I visit his office in Boynton right across the street from Bethesda and plan to deliver there. I just had a good friend deliver at Bethesda and heard the remodeling is beautiful and the nurses were great. He also has an office in Boca and you can decide to deliver in Boca or Boynton.
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    Rachel DeVaney with Womens health partners. I'm first time mama due in July and I couldn't have asked for a better midwife - she's amazing
  • carlyyocarlyyo member
    I see Rachael too. She is amazing.
  • Rachel Devaney is my midwife as well. She helped us deal with a miscarriage last summer and has been wonderfully supportive throughout my current pregnancy - due in November. Couldn't ask for a better midwife.
  • Dr. Sam Wanis is the best kept me laughing through my stress and praying through my tears during my last birth.
  • I love Dr. Graber out of Bethesda, she is so amazing and personable!
  • Women's Health Partners is the best in the area. I see Dr. Friedman, she is awesome. I have met other doctors there as well and they all seem to be good. Staffs are great here as well.
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