+ FFN & an overnight in L&D

After closely monitoring my ctx's the last 24 hrs, I decided to come back to L&D to be monitored.

Turns out in 1.5cm dilated & 50% effaced. And, FFN test came back positive. That bought me an overnight stay to continue monitoring. :(.

Prayers these contractions stop or at least slow , there's no more cervical changes & the girls stay in longer!

I'm 32w2d....

If contractions keep up they'll do mag & steroids & I'll have to be transferred to the other hospital if that doesn't stop them.

Nothing like a stay in L&D to make me realize how much needs to be done to be ready!
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Re: + FFN & an overnight in L&D

  • Oh, and when I asked if this was gonna put me on bed rest.... The on call OB said - no. That research shows w/ twins bed rest doesn't prove to help & may even have adverse affects.... ?! Huh? :/
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  • Good luck girl! I Just posted- same thing happened to me and my girls are here doing great. Hope the can stop contractions a little longer but if they can't the babies will be fine, especially if you can get the teroids in. Hang in there!
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    FET #1- transferred one beautiful 4AA embie. Praying this is my take home baby. Beta 5/7/13- BFFN!!!
    IVF #2: ER 7/17/13: 6R/3F- transferred 1 blast and 1 10 cell embryo 5dt.   Beta hell.  #1 2.5, #2 2.2- BFFFN! REALLY?
    IVF #3: ER 12/1 and only 2 retrieved.  1 fertilized with ICSI.  Was planning on transferring one fresh and one frozen....fresh was only 14 cells at day 5...CANCELLED and devastated due to 5cm blood filled cyst in ovary and blood in uterus.
    IVF #4: Antagonist protocol with endometrial scratch day one of stims.  ER 4/21: 6R/4M/3F- transferred 2 beautiful blasts (5dt) and one was hatching!  No frosties but hoping we won't need it!  Beta 5/4/14- 444(8dp5dt), Beta #2 10dp5dt 1002!  THIS HAS GOT TO BE IT!!!!!!!!!!  First US 5/15 we saw two of the most beautiful gestational and yolk sacs I have ever seen!  

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  • thinking about you and hope the babies stay in a lil longer. 
    TTC starting 8/2014 :)
    BFP 8/27/14  EDD 5/9/2015 9/25/2014 ITS TWINS!!! <3<3 
    12/25/14 twin boys <3

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  • T&P that those babies stay put a little while longer!
    *loss and BFP mentioned*
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    DH: perfect!
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    FET#2 Tentative Sched: Start meds CD1=Feb 1, ET= Feb 19-20
              One Grade 4AA Blast transferred, 5dpt- BFP HPT, 6dpt- line darker
              Beta #1- 50, Beta #2- 30
              BFN- Chemical preg
    FET#3 CD1-4/11, start Injections on CD13, ET scheduled- 4/29
             CD12 u/s & bw- Lining 8.7, estrogen 335, cleared for ET in one week!
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             First U/S, 5wk0d- TWO gest sacs, Both with yolk sacs and a fetal pole both measuring 3d ahead!
    ((Thank you LORD, praying these LO grow, grow, grow!)) 
    **Due date Jan 14th- Boy/Girl twins**


  • I'm home now :). Contractions slowed overnight. Got 1 of 2 steroid shots. Will go back to L&D tomorrow morning for 2nd and a NST.

    I'm dilated to 2 & 50% effaced . Praying to keep them in to 35 weeks. (Ideally longer , but that's my 1st goal!)
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  • Hoping all goes well and they get more cooking time! Rest up Momma!
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    DH, 44
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    5R, 4F, Only 2 blasts made it, both transferred
    10-31-2013 = BFP
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    Lillian & Harrison born at 33w1d on May 24, 2014

  • I'm glad they slowed down and you were able to go home.
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  • glad you are home, hopefully things stay quiet for a few more weeks!!!
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