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Sort of a POLL: When did your LO first show symptoms?

So I just had DD#2 8 days ago...yay!!   She has taken a liking to breastfeeding which is a huge relief to me.  Her brother breastfed for 2 years without food issues in breastmilk, but DD#1 could not transfer milk out of the breast and ultimately had multiple food protein intolerances and ended up on Neocate.  So I eliminated dairy and soy (just cuz they are the two most common intolerances) at 34 weeks in pregnancy and have remained off of them.  I don't plan to introduce any dairy or soy as a trial until she is 8 weeks old.  I want to make sure her gut is on the right track and also wait to make sure that she doesn't have any other food intolerances PRIOR to reintroducing dairy/soy.  Here are my questions to you...

1. How old was your LO when they first showed signs of intolerance?

2.  What was their reaction?

3.  Advice on reintroducing dairy or soy when I finally do that??!!  Eat a tiny bit and look for mild reactions or go big with sushi and edamame and watch for an obvious reaction?  Any advice or experiences you would like to share are very appreciated!
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Re: Sort of a POLL: When did your LO first show symptoms?

  • My DD#1 was uncomfortable about 24 hours after delivery. I had granola bars with peanuts/soy as snacks. She slowly developed eczema and had trouble sleeping. 

    My DD#2 I already wasn't eating peanuts, tree nuts, or soy when she was born. Within the first week she started screaming more and seeming uncomfortable. I cut out dairy and she was much better.

    I tried yogurt again on the advice of a pediatrician around 2-3 months, she screamed for a week. I tried again a couple of times at 8-12 months, it still bothered her. She grew out of the dairy intolerance a little before 2 years old, and can eat peanuts and most nuts (although our first is still quite allergic to peanuts so we don't eat them in the house). She still has a mild allergy to soy and gets a bit itchy from coconut and some tree nuts so still avoiding soy especially.
    I ate Subway while breastfeeding a few times, and just the soy oil from the bread and mayo was enough to bother her. I would try a little bit to start and wait a few days before trying more.
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  • Our LO had reactions within 24 hours of birth. He would get explosive diarrhea, exorcist like vomiting, terrible gas & scream for hours. At 7 weeks old we found out he has a dairy 11 months we learned he is allergic to beef & white potato also. At 15 months he still cannot process any dairy without getting sick. Per the allergist we will retest at age 2 and 90% of children out grow dairy allergies by age 5...I would wait a little longer to try to reintroduce dairy and I hear introducing with baked goods a little at a time is the best way. I hope you get it all figured out!
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