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New Warning System

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I know many of you have seen the new moderation tab underneath your profiles. This is the new warning feature the bump has implemented for the mods and admin. You can view this by checking your profile and clicking on the moderation tab underneath your avatar. Other members cannot see your moderation. Only you, mods, and admin can see what is under your moderation.

Warnings are given for TOU violations. You will receive warnings in your inbox, with a title of "You've been warned". Under the moderation tab you will see the PM that was sent to you for a warning. There are 3 warnings. On the third warning you will get banned. Each warning lasts 6 months. After 6 months from one warning that warning will drop off. Warnings can be reversed, if it is determined that a warning was not necessary. In extreme situations Admin/Mods reserve the right to ban without the total of 3 warnings. This should keep things more consistent across all boards.

I know you guys are a wild and crazy bunch ;) but I just wanted to keep you in the loop!

I'm not new. I just hate The Bump. 

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