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baby wants to sleep on our bed :(

So I had my LO sleep with us because he had constant fever due to a virus. I would be scared to leave him in his crib for that reason. Now, he is better thank god :) but every time I put him in his crib, he lasts about 15 minutes in there and starts crying  :( so I pick him up and he falls right back to sleep. He is fed at night when I know he is hungry and still does it. Any tips from any of you that might be helpful? I am pregnant again also and I can't have him sleep with us, it's very umcomfortable for ME, because my husband sleeps like an animal lol so he is good. Thanks in advance ladies  :)>-

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Re: baby wants to sleep on our bed :(

  • My daughter sometimes doesn't sleep in her crib either I don't have much advice exept for I just wait until she is in a deep sleep then move her
  • He got used to sleeping in your bed.  That's normal.  You have to teach him how to sleep in his bed again.  Do your normal routine and put him in bed.  If he cries go in and check on him and soothe him and help him back to sleep while he's still in his crib.  I would try rubbing his back and speaking or singing soothingly.  It might take a few tries but when he realizes this is the new normal he'll get it.  
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  • He's now used to sleeping in your bed, it's become a habit. He'll have to learn how to sleep in his own bed now. However you go about that is whatever you are comfortable with. Either you choose a gentle approach or you can do a more aggressive approach in order to make the transition happen quicker. Either way, I think he will probably display his displeasure with the change. 

    The best advice I have is to be consistent. 
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  • We've had the same issue. Our little boy did fine is his crib up until about 5 1/2 months. Then when he fell asleep in our bed and we tried to transfer him to the crib, he cried and cried until we brought him back in. Babies are smart and he learned right away how to get his own way. I finally put my foot down and put him back in his crib. I turned on his white noise machine for some soothing sounds and let him cry. The first night I would check on him every 5 to 10 minutes  and soothe him. After about 25 minutes, he settled down and went to sleep. The 2nd and 3rd night, he only cried for a few minutes and then went to sleep. He's now learning that his crib is where he needs to sleep and settles pretty quickly. Hang in there!
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