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Cold during pregnancy - how long did yours last?

Monday morning DH and I both woke up with scratch throats due to post nasal drip.  Twenty-four hours later DH is back to normal and I am still feeling like crap after three days (full blown cold).  I know pregnancy lowers the immune system therefore making it logical that mine would last longer but I was wondering anyone else had a similar situation and could let me know how much longer their cold lasted than (yes, I know everyone is different but I am ready to be over this gross bug)?  I feel like the grocery store is going to need to place a special order of tissues and decaf tea for me soon at this rate!

Re: Cold during pregnancy - how long did yours last?

  • Every cold is a different strain so how long you are ill is going to vary. We all had colds last week and DH felt sick about one less day overall than me. But both kids were sick too and DS still isn't over it.
  • Before pregnancy, I rarely got sick..Im still fighting the remnants of a cold a month later. I hope you have a speedy recovery, this last month has been miserable for me.
  • I had one last 2 weeks, but it was manageable.

  • Two weeks.
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  • My colds prepregnancy lasted 3-5 days. I got a cold in October that lasted 2.5 weeks.
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  • Thank you all for your experiences- I'm guessing this will be around quite a bit longer than normal!

  • I've already had 2 so far. The miserable part lasts 2 days for me and then gets way better but the cough and phlegm lingers for about 10-14 days. Feel better soon!
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  • I just got over a cold. The worst symptoms lasted about a week, and it took another week to get rid of cough and runny nose. It took my kids and husband about 3 days to get over the worst symptoms.

  • I feel like I've been fighting a cold for a month now. I almost never get sick, I have literally gone years without a cold. In addition to my 5 I'm with kids six days a week so I've chalked it up to being velcro for viruses being pregnant and all.
  • I'm still trying to get over a cold that I've had about five days. I was beyond miserable on thanksgiving. People told me to drink a lot of orange juice and take vitamin c. I think it's helped some and I'm hoping not to get another one. Hope you feel better soon!
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