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Should I get an amnio???

I have a subchorionic hematoma (blood clot) in my uterus and took 2 of the prenatal blood screening tests...Verifi came back positive for Monosomy X and Panorama came back negative. Now I need to get an amniocentesis. The blood clot makes it very risky! What should I do?

Re: Should I get an amnio???

  • Talk to your MFM and Ob and any other people in the office that will give you opinions. I had long phone calls with my MFM and her head nurse.  I then wrote a list of questions based on their answers and called back and got them all answered.  Think about how the results will change how you are going to make decisions about your prenatal care.  Ask how the results will affect your prenatal care.  For example if the amino comes back positive will you need to have risky procedures done immediately or will they watch and wait - Echocardiogra, extra ultra sounds? Also, it may change the hospital you deliver at (higher level NICU) Can you deliver there anyway?

    In my opinion if the amino is not going to change your prenatal care or decisions then it is not worth the risk.  If it is going to change your care or decisions then you may determine that it is worth the risk.

    Please call your MFM set an appointment (phone or office) to speak with them get all your questions answers. At the end get a number to call back with any follow up questions.

    I'm sorry you have to make these decisions. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.


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  • Thank you for your response :) I will definitely do as you said!
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