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MSPI started rice cereal and green poop?

Hi! Looking for some insights... DS #2 is EBF and we just started solids 2 days ago. I am off all dairy, soy and egg. We are still waiting to get into the allergist to see if there is something more. He has had 3 small feeds of Nestlé Gerber Rice Cereal. After the first feed last evening he was fine, but woke up during the night whimpering and had some obvious pains. He had two large but normal poops today and has been a happy boy. He had cereal with breast milk this morning and this evening. He is absolutely ready for solids and is in love with the cereal! But, this evening he woke up during a nap with a lot of pain and pooped again, but it was green. Like grass green with mucous. I almost cried. He had green and bloody poops a lot before my oversupply was corrected and before we knew he was mspi. Now I am nervous to give him cereal again. My plan is to continue as normal with the cereal for a couple more days and if the green poop persists, I will be calling my doctor. But until then, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their babe and what the outcome was? TIA!

Re: MSPI started rice cereal and green poop?

  • Green usually is an indicator of milk imbalance but once they start solids really poop color doesn't mean much anymore most of the time
  • Be careful with the rice cereals- a lot of them contain milk. My kids did the best with the Happy Bellies brand. Also, I wonder if the cereal is iron fortified? Iron can also make for green poops.
  • The rice cereal is fortified with iron, but I would expect a dark green poop with that. His poop was a lighter grass green. That thought did enter my mind though. Where I live in Canada we only have three choices. I have never seen the happy bellies brand. I may check it out to see if they have it on Amazon. Thanks! And yes, the box does say that it may contain milk and is not suitable for children with a milk allergy. All of our brands are like that. I almost didn't even give him rice cereal at all because of it. He seems to like the cereal and has no problem eating it so I may just switch him to the oat cereal right away. Thanks so much for your input and for listening to me think out loud! :)
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