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I know they are normal to some extent however, my DD freaks the hell out when we sit down to dinner. We eat at my parents house a lot bc they live so close ( 2-3 times a week) my Neices live there and DD loves them so much. I'm not sure if it's bc she doesn't want the playing to stop or if she's not hungry or just doesn't want to sit in her chair or if it's just for attention. I try to ignore her at first but she quickly gets loud and it doesn't end. Everyone is like " why is she crying , why does she do it every time we eat, maybe you should take her out and let her walk around". When she does this with just my hubby and I we ignore her and eventually it will stop. It's torture but it does. Any suggestions on how to handle it when we are with other people

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  • @CurlingRocks oh God! 3 year old tantrums! Don't remind me!  By that time he'll be strong enough to actually throw things around and do some damage.
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  • Oh gosh, today has been tantrum central around here. Is it bed time yet?  

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  • My daughter has been having temper tantrums starting at 16 months. It is usually in a public place the mall, store and car. When the tantrums start they go on for a while. I try distraction etc. nothing usually works. And it does feel embarrassing because you feel like everyone is staring at you. I have only had her freak out during dinner only once and we had to leave the restaurant it got bad. I guess explain to your friends what she does and not have dinners at their house possibly. Could she be overtired or overstimulated at that point? Maybe a change of scenery may help.
  • My son loves when we go over to Nana and Grandpa's. He is so excited to see his favorite people, play with the toys I have left there (he thinks they're new every time) and Grandpa's golf balls get scattered everywhere. When dinner time comes, we just fix him a plate and put it on a little foot stool which acts like a table and try to get him to take a couple bites then leave the rest up to him if he's hungry. I don't have a high chair for him at my parents, and I do imagine he would probably flip out if he was made to sit still in this fun and exciting environment. We don't really do formal dinners anyway. We sit in the living room with TV trays and watch TV while my son plays and is usually persuaded into taking bites from others' plates and some from his own. If I think he didn't get enough to eat, I'll make him a snack I know he likes when we get home. Sometimes it's good to switch up the routine to what works for the moment. Even when I would try to force my son to eat more, my parents would argue that he'll eat when he's hungry so just relax. Sure enough, when I started relaxing and just eating myself, my son would notice how everyone else was eating and would stop playing to check out what was so yummy and eat a little without me having to tell him.
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