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Experience as an egg donor?

Hi there ladies,

I am new here and looking for some advice. (:

I know most of you are on the other end of the procedure, but do any of you have experience donating eggs? I wanted to chat about it with someone who had experience in the process. I'm not sure where to go other than the doctor's office and this site seemed like a relatively good place to start. (:

I'm familiar with the actual medical procedure but would love to hear stories about any regrets/positive experiences/second thoughts you may have had.

Thank you! ~

Re: Experience as an egg donor?

  • + I have no exp as a donor but just wanted to thank you for considering this process. I want to give my own anonymous donor a big hug. I wish she could know how much i love being pregnant and the enormous love I already feel for my daughter.

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    Read about it on the blog

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  • Thank you, that's so nice to hear and just confirms for me how much of an impact this could make on a couple's life. (: 

    And congratulations on your pregnancy with your daughter !!
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  • I am also on the other side and actually wrote my anonymous donor a letter the eve of her retrieval to thank her.  I suggest you call one of the the places you are thinking of donating and asking to speak to some of their other donors about their experience.  I know our donor was on her second round of donations.  From a receiver perspective there were certain donor banks we did not feel comfortable working with based on their lack of response during inquiries, so you may want to talk to several places to see which one you are most comfortable with in your area.  GL.

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  • I was a donor in February and had a great experience. I'm a nurse so the injections and side effects weren't too bad.
    You can PM with questions if u like.
    I ended up doing a cycle with 2 recipients (something I wasn't planning on but it worked out). They both got BFPs so it made it all worth it for me.

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  • Thank you for doing this!

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