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I have been trying for weeks to upload a video to the baby website I created on the Bump. I have a conversion program so I was able to convert the 3d/4d ultrasound to almost every file format the Bump video upload button says it allows (asf (streaming for Windows Media Player), avi, f4v, m4v, mpeg, mpeg4, mov, wmv (Windows Media Video). Video files must be no larger than 40 MB). I've tried uploading it as avi, m4v, mpeg, mpeg4, mov & wmv, and none of them have worked. I've shortened the clip down to 1 minute 36 seconds . . . is it possible the file is too small? They were all under the size limit (ranging from 10,000KB to 18,000KB), and I've tried them on various of the pages, the main page, the video clip page, bonus pages, etc. Is there a secret to getting them to upload? It always starts by saying, "Thank You for uploading your video. It will display on the page momentarily." Then, later when I come back and check, it says there was a problem converting your video, please delete it and try again (or something to that effect). I don't know what it is trying to convert it to, since I've only tried to upload the allowed file formats. I would just create a baby website elsewhere, but I've already put the web address on the announcements we sent out. Anyone have any hints/tips?
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