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Transition to one nap

I looked back a couple pages and didn't find this topic. I apologize in advance if its been discussed recently; I'm not on here all that often. Wondering when you transitioned your LO from two naps to one? We are in that weird phase where both daytime and nighttime sleep aren't what they used to be. Yesterday. we accidentally only had one nap (out and about in the morning, only a 75 minute nap from 10:30-11:45 and then tried for an afternoon nap but couldn't get it to happen.) He then slept 11 hours last night straight through! We've never had that kind of night time sleep. Is this the signal that we're ready to transition? I'm nervous that we're about to go out of town for Thanksgiving next week - and hate to disrupt his sleep schedule right before we go. Thoughts/advice? 

Re: Transition to one nap

  • first son switched early around 13 months; second closer to 16 months. agree w/ pp - move morning nap later, even if it's only 20 min at a time. second is 19 months now and goes down around 1-3.

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  • DD transitioned around 16-17 mo.  She gradually stopped falling asleep for her morning nap (9:30AM).  On the days she didn't sleep in the AM, she would go down for one long nap around 11:30, usually for about 3 hours.  Gradually that nap moved to around 1:00.  DS is a sleepy kid- he'll fall asleep whenever he goes into his crib.  He is almost 2 and could still probably take 2 naps per day, but I selfishly was ready for him to go down to 1 so we had a bigger window of time in the mornings.  Around 18-19 mo he would go down for one long nap around 11:30.  We are still in the process of moving it to about 1:00.
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  • Based on everyone else it seems like this should be the right tikka for us to transition. Part of the problem is he gets up SUPER early (like 5am) and then is exhausted mid morning. I have read that I should limit morning nap time to help decrease early morning waking. Honestly this is the hardest part of parenting for me (figuring out sleep ),

  • Another early riser here. Up at 5:30 and ready for a nap by 8 and then naps again from 1:30-3. If she sleeps later which is rare, she takes one nap from11-2 usually.

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