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Taking turn with husband sleeping- help me

We just got home with our newborn and my husband is too afraid to let her sleep at night while we are both sleeping. He thinks someone needs to watch her at all times. So now my husband and I are taking turns sleeping. I don't think we need to do that. How can I convince my husband that it will be ok for us both to get some sleep while the baby is sleeping?

Re: Taking turn with husband sleeping- help me

  • As a first time Dad to a now 11 week old son, I feel your pain.

    My wife and I both had problems trying to get sleep for the first week, and basically ran ourselves ragged. When I look back, it was pretty ridiculous, but I don't suspect it's something that is easily broken. You kind of have to just let it happen. Eventually EVERYBODY gets so tired that you'll find that happy medium.

    Personally though, you could probably both go to sleep like you normally would, and have your child nearby to ensure you can address any issues. The easiest thing you can do is just get your tablets and lay there until something happens or someone falls asleep.

  • We both felt better using the Snuzza when LO was a newborn. It alarms if the baby stops breathing.

  • My husband was like this for the first couple of weeks, too! He had never been around a newborn before we brought our LO home, so he was just scared and was trying to do everything right. He even got really nervous when our baby had the hiccups. :) 

    I encouraged him to bring up any questions when we were at the pediatrician's office. Having a professional reassure him about his concerns gave him a lot more confidence. Now that our LO is 2 months old, he has relaxed and isn't stressing so much! If you don't want to wait until your next appointment, the two of you could also call the nurse's line for extra assurance. That's what they are there for! 

  • He needs to chill. If it helps then take shifts, but at this point everyone needs to sleep any time the opportunity presents itself.

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  • It helps to talk to a pediatrician and other parents. Even if you take shifts you will never get enough rest, assuming each shift is just for a few hours. When you haven't had a long stretch of sleep in a while you start going nuts and every little thing you have to do seems so difficult.
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