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Can I just rant?

My boyfriend's sister in law had a shower for her second baby. Basically planned by her. Then she made it a requirement for everyone to bring diapers, wipes, and a gift. She actually told me what gift she wanted me to get her from her registry... it was the most expensive gift on there. Then she said that we should bring a gift for her first child too. The whole thing drove me crazy. This is tacky right?

Re: Can I just rant?

  • Very tacky.  I was once invited to a baby shower for a second baby (first baby was also only 18 mos, not that that even matters).  The mom planned it herself and I was invited via text message.  She had it at a restaurant and expected everyone to order off the menu and pay for their own food.  I'm still ranting and it was years ago.

    I would just use this bed experience as a great example of tacky.  Sorry you had to deal with this.
  • That is really tacky. I can't believe she made everyone pay for their food. Thanks :) in sorry you had to deal with it too. People really need to remember that etiquette is still relevant.
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  • Whaaaaat! I would say tough shit you'll get what I want to buy.
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  • Tacky & presumptuous!

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  • Thank you! I wasn't sure if I was overreacting. She said hardly anyone showed up.
  • I would hope so. But she's very set in her ways.
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